Andrea Marcum
Jun 6, 2018 · 3 min read

yoganect — a unique digital hangout for yogis

by Andrea Marcum

yoganect is an oasis for connectivity, community and calm. It’s where Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is replaced by Finding Optimal Mindful Opportunities (fOMo).yoganect is an organic interface where yoga practitioners, students and teachers find both information and integration. Ideas, education, access to yoga events, workshops, retreats and festivals comingle in this unique digital hangout that unites yogis from across the street and across the globe. yoganect is an extraordinary resource where like-minded businesses, biomechanics experts and bliss-workers can network in one place. A hub where students can follow teachers they’re curious about and teachers can communicate with students they haven’t even met yet.

yoganect is one of its kindinterest-based, community-owned platform with a unique blend of yoga and technology. In fact, the founders — Rene, Fedja & Elnura are an exceptional combination of yogis and IT-geeks — nerd Yogis, passion and pledged professionals. With over 300 partners and more than 100k social media followers, yoganect empowers yogis, giving each member a voice and a choice as well as rewarding them for their engagement.

yoganect’s fOMo consists of:

· Interest-based social platform: mindful connections with people that share your interests & passion for yoga.

· Reward system based on Blockchain: yoganect gives back the yoga tribe the ownership of their content. Each active member gets rewarded for engagement: writing an article or placing a review.

· A beautiful timeline feed: not a feed filled with irrelevant ads or content that meant to go viral. Instead a feed that features inspiring, educational & attention-grabbing topics you’re actually interested in.

· Discover your yoga event: you can plan, book, pay & ticket your yoga trip all at once. Read reviews or ask the host questions, see who else is attending and receive updates about your adventure in one easy location.

· Host your own event: Anyone can host events. As a host you’ll enjoy a user-friendly event page with a clean and simple design to showcase your event to an ideal audience. Engage with the audience that is interested in booking your event and provide updates seamlessly.

· Network: find & connect with yoga teachers, coaches, photographers, and even companies who share your interests. As an aspiring yoga professional you will increase your options and opportunities to build your brand and to turn your passion into income.

On yoganect, we are all here to find each other. Whether it’s an event you want to host or go to, whether you are a teacher or want to become one, whether you’re a new practitioner or an advanced one — you and your ideas are welcome. Let’s build this community together and do great things.

If you would like to be informed about the launch dates, please sign-up on yoganect’s website:


Yoga on the go

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Yoga on the go

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