What Is A Temazcal?

An Authentic Mexican Healing Experience

It is a traditional Mexican sweat lodge that’s meant to purify the body.
But really it’s so much more than that. Here’s what an authentic ceremony would look like.

First comes preparation

They build a large fire in which they heat 36 volcanic rocks. The fire is symbolically called, “El Abuelo” or “the grandfather” and the volcanic rocks are “las Abuelas” or “the grandmothers”. The fire cleanses and purifies us while the rocks hold our cosmic energies. It is believed they have been here since the beginning of time and hold the keys to our evolution.

Inside the temazcal, a bed of fresh medicinal herbs is laid all around to create a higher frequency for healing. The aroma of these herbs are also inhaled during the ceremony and act as an internal body cleanse.

At a temazcal outside of Mexico City. Inside lay a bed of alfalfa.

Upon entering the temazcal

Everyone person is ceremonially smudged with copal, which is aromatic tree resin. Smudging is a term used for cleansing the energetic space in your aura.

You enter one at a time and low to the ground. It’s respectful to ask permission to enter, walking in towards the left, following the circle, and taking your seat.

The temazcal on the property of our next retreat in the forest of Xico, Mexico.

During the ceremony

There are four sections of the ceremony, or four doors, and these represent the four elements: air, wind, fire and earth. Nine Abuelas, or heated stones, are brought in for each door. The 9 is a number that is symbolic of completion. That is why each door features nine rocks, to complete the purification process for each element.

Two people are chosen, male and female to keep the energy balanced, to offer prayers and intentions. The male holds antlers to each stone as it comes in and the female draws circles and crosses with a wet stone.

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