A Useful Tool to explore Kyoto for foreign students : Ryugakusei Okoshiyasu Pass in Kyoto

Kyoto is called the best city for students in Japan.

It’s not only for Japanese students, but also for foreign students. “Ryugakusei (foreign students) Okoshiyasu Pass” is one of the reasons why Kyoto is said like that. This post is going to be useful tips to live in Kyoto for foreign students. Let’s take a look at it!


What’s “Ryugakusei (foreign students) Okoshiyasu Pass” ?

The pass is issued every year for foreign students, and it’s for experiencing Japanese culture. You can enter into designed cultural facilities in Kyoto city for free by using the pass.

How can you get the pass?

This pass is issued at the universities, Japanese language schools, technical collages designed by Kyoto city. If you are a foreign student at the facilities, you can get the pass there.
You can check the place you can get the pass from the link.
( http://www.kcif.or.jp/ryusite/list.html )

How can you use the pass?

You have to show the pass and your student card at the reception of each facilities. Please note that the pass cannot be used by other people.

Where can you use the pass?

There is a possibility that the designed facilities change a little bit every year, but almost of them are the same. You can also check it from bellow.
( http://www.kcif.or.jp/ryusite/pass/pass2015-JP.htm ) This info is for the fiscal 2016.

You can find and experience Japanese culture by using the pass.
If you are a foreign student in Kyoto, let’s get the pass!
Thanks for reading!