How to Wear Yukata and What You Should Bring for Omatsuri.

UNIQLO sells Yukata and also made a video “How to wear the Yukata”

Going out with Yukata is so exciting, especially for Omatsuri (Summer festival).
However, it’s a little bit difficult. One of the reasons is you can’t bring many stuffs in a bag for Yukata — such as Kinchaku(巾着).

What should we bring in this small bag?

  1. Tenugui 
    You can use it for like a towel and its Japanese design is suitable to yukata. You can buy at 100 yen shops.
  2. Ticket for return
    After Hanabi festival, quite many of people use trains. To buy ticket then takes long time, so you should buy beforehand or use IC card.
  3. Small size wet wipe 
    You can buy various foods of summer festival there and you can eat them outside. They make your hands dirty because many of them have sticky sauce. However, there are not so many place for washing your hands. If you have wet wipe, you don’t mind about it. You can buy at 100 yen shops too.
  4. Coin case
    To bring a lot of money in purse is difficult. It’s better to use coin case.

Enjoy Japanese summer festival!