Is Japan a difficult place to live for foreign teachers ?

ECC teachers call for strikes

Do you know English conversation school “ ECC ” ? This type of school is called as “Eikaiwa” in Japan. But recently, ECC teachers have been facing some serious problems.

In japan, the consumption tax has risen two years before and in the same period the consumer price index has risen by 3.9% since 2012.

At English conversion school ECC teachers’ pay-raise is usually solely based upon an evaluation system. And the people who have to evaluate the teachers for a pay-rise are the same people who actually pay it. In fact, pay increases have declined and the teachers have lost all faith in that system.

In 2014, the General Union which is a legally registered labour/trade union and also the ECC’s teacher union was successful in halting a general pay-rise freeze. But pay-rises were instead cut in half. It meant about 5 ~ 10 yen increase per hour. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

And since October 2016, workers who put in at least 20 hours a week will have to enroll in a social insurance program, it would be serious program for them.

The teacher’s demand is only to have an increment of 100 yen per an hour. On April 23 2016, they went on strike. After that, the negotiation had continued and they postponed the strike they were going to go on again. But on Jun 8, the company ECC refused to accept any of their demand.

For many years, the members of ECC’s union have been fighting against this evaluation system whose wage-hike is not even minimal. And many foreigner residents in japan having trouble with wages is not something that cheers high skilled foreign workers. We need to take the situation into consideration and ought to help them in such time of despair.

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