Japanese plastic food display

A different kind of Japanese art — Amazing craftsmanship

As you travel around Japan, you will see plastic food samples in the front windows of many restaurants. It looks like real food but it’s actually made of plastic. Surprisingly, these are made by hand.


Interested in how they are made? Check out this video!

Isn’t the craftsmanship wonderful? You can also find plastic food samples in many different forms, if you want to take some home with you!

【Smart phone case】

You can buy here : http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/7705/

【Business card holder】

So if you want to work in Japan, you definitely need one of these for carrying your business cards ;)!

You can buy them here: http://morino-sample.jp/


hmm…I don’t think I really want to wear them, but if you love Japanese plastic fake foods, you can dress up with them!!

This online shop sell a lot of fake foods accessory: http://ii-fake.com/

【And more…】


They can be interior…You can live together!

One of the famous plastic fake foods shops is “Ganso Sample-Ya”. It is located in Tokyo solamachi, near by Tokyo Skytree. You can’t miss visiting the shop when you go to see Skytree.