Job Hunting Web Sites for International Students in Japan

There are lots of useful web sites to get a job in Japan for international students

Sometimes it’s very difficult to find a job in Japan for international students. There are various reasons such as the language, difference of the style of job hunting, and so on. However, there are also lots of supportive service to help your job hunting. This time, I’m going to introduce good web sites/service for it!


This service is for people who came from the countries of ASEAN. NSAJ is holding job hunting support seminar for free for foreign students every Thursday, and they are very supportive. They introduce talented human resources of ASEAN to corporations as an agent.

2. Works Japan. Global

Works Japan. Global is providing the opportunities that you can talk to a recruitment staff in a seminar. You can also attend a job fair and seminar, which is held in foreign countries such as The US, Vietnam, Indonesia and so on. Works also hold a big job fair more than 100 corporations attend.

3. Career Support Network for International students in Japan

It’s a Career Support Network recognized as an official organization by universities. They put recruitment information on the homepage for free. They are also providing the contents of the examination preparation for getting a job and Japanese lecture for business.

4. Global Leader

There are lots of information on the homepage for job hunting. And what makes it special is “scout job hunting”. You may be scouted by recruitment staff!

5. Job hunting total support program for international students

It provides information to know small-to-midium sized enterprises, and there are also OB/OG meeting, guidance for business Japanese and individual counseling to support your job hunting.

6. Jaboon

Of course, you can get useful information for your job hunting, and also you can deepen exchange with other international students who are also doing job hunting as well.

7. Dragon Gate

You can take free consultation, support of self-promotion and support to find a good job for you on the internet or face to face.

8. Hiwork

Hiwork is introducing recruitment information, and you can learn how to write resume or how to do job hunting in Japan.

9. Ryunabi

Ryunabi is holding not only seminar or job fair, but also “Asia Link Cafe”, which is a casual gathering many international students and recruitment staff attend. In the “Asia Link Cafe”, they do group discussion, lectures of Japanese and so on.

As I mentioned, there are lots of supportive service to help your job hunting in Japan. Why don’t you try to use these services? It’s one of the good ways for international students! Thanks for reading, and please look forward to next blog about job hunting in Japan!