3 Things You Should Do When an Earthquake Happened

Earthquakes often happen in Japan as you know.

I’d like to tell you important ways to protect yourself from earthquakes by several posts. Today’s theme is “Right before an earthquake occurs and during an earthquakes”.

Before an earthquake happens, you can know it by Earthquake Early Warming.(Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho).

The Earthquake Early Warning is aimed at mitigating earthquake-related damage by allowing countermeasures such as promptly slowing down trains, controlling elevators to avoid danger and enabling people to quickly protect themselves in various environments such as factories, offices, houses and near cliffs. (http://www.jma.go.jp/jma/en/Activities/eew.html)

How does it sound like? Audio :


TV and Japanese smartphone warm by this sound. Almost in 10 seconds, strong shaking starts. If you listen to the warming, you must be surprised. However you shouldn’t be upset!!

3 things you should do when it happened

1. When you are in elevator…

PUSH ALL floor buttons! If elevator feel shaking, it stops and you can’t open the door. So you need to stop closest floor.

2. When you are cooking…

Turn off the heat to prevent the occurrence of fire!

3.More than anything…

Protect yourselves, especially head! Go away from large shelves, hide under the desk and protect your head with thick book or something. Even if you are scared, you must not run at random during shaking.

These three are the most important things when an earthquake happened. Please remember them when you travel or live in Japan!