Three things you should do when you visit Hokkaido in summer.

Hokkaido is the northernmost prefecture of Japan, and the average temperature on August is 22°C. Why don’t you spend your summer vacation in cool Hokkaido.

1. Enjoy seeing beautiful view

Hokkaido is rich in nature. This picture is a blue pond in biei. We can see the clear blue water in sunny days. I recommend you to go to rural areas and find amazing flower gardens, the sea or mountains.

2. Eat delicious food

Hokkaido is famous for agriculture. You can eat fresh vegetables, meat and seafoods. Especially, people live in Hokkaido love grilled mutton dish (we call it “jingisukan”). Enjoy original tastes of ingredients!

3. Experience activities

How about trying outdoor activity in this summer? Horse riding, rafting and trekking are typical activities what you can do in Hokkaido. Such extraordinary experience will make you relax.

Have a good time in Hokkaido this summer!