What’s tint lip?


Tint lip” has been in talks recently, not only for people who are in search of new types and varieties of make ups but also for those who are constantly in search for something innovative. Tint lip can be said to be more than a traditional lipstick, as one can ‘wear’ it and remove it like a tattoo and the colors change according to the lip’s moisture!

However, sometime these qualities of Tint lip are not seen very tempting when one wants to sip a drink or eat something, as it easily comes during such times.

The colors change by your lips moisture and pH.

So you can try on colors of yourself. So one need not worry about the color of their lips, or how their lips are going to look.

Tint lip has excellent moisturizing action.

So, it is optimum items for women whom lips is dry. Perfect for people having dry lips.

popular tint lip

canmake lip tint syrup


・colors come out well

・not sticking

sugao liptint

・easy to touch up

・colors last long time

With products and services so varied and easily available, why not give it a try? Do you want it to use? There are many kind of tint lip at a pharmacy.

Find your favorite tint lip ! And keep on enjoying in Japan!