Zero Heatstroke Project in Japan!

Let’s use the service to get over summer heatstroke

As you know, Japanese summer is quite hot, and the average temperature is gradually rising year by year. In such a situation, this project is really useful for foreigners in Japan to get over summer heatstroke. 
This time, I’ll introduce the project and the service!

What’s Zero Heatstroke project?

This is a project conducted by Japan Weather Association, and it started since 2013. The aim of the project is to reduce the number of people who get heatstroke, and this project provide various services to prevent to get heatstroke.

Traditional Japanese Umbrella Rental Service!

One of the finest service of the project is “Traditional Japanese Umbrella Rental”. You can borrow a traditional Japanese umbrella, which can also be used as a parasol for preventing strong sunshine. This project is also aiming to introduce Japanese culture by lending colorful umbrellas. It’s going to be a valuable experience for foreign tourists in Japan.

Where can you borrow the umbrella?

Now this project is carried out only in eight cultural property gardens in Tokyo. Implementation period is 4th July to 31st August, and this service is only for sunny day. But I think the project will extend the service gradually.

Spots you can use the service

  1. Hamarikyuonshi-Garden(Chuo-ku,Tokyo)
  2. Kyushibarikyuonshi-Garden(Minato-ku,Tokyo)
  3. Koishikawakourakuen(Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo)
  4. Rokugien(Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo)
  5. MukoujimaHyakkaen(Sumida-ku,Tokyo)
  6. Kiyosumi-Garden(Eto-ku,Tokyo)
  7. Kyuhurukawa-Garden(Kita-ku,Tokyo)
  8. Tonogayato-Garden(Kokubunji-shi,Tokyo)

This is a really helpful project, isn’t it? 
It’s only in Tokyo right now, but this project will be expanded in the future as foreign tourists increase. Let’s try to use the service and I hope you don’t get heatstroke in Japan! Thanks for reading:)

Official page of “Zero Heatstroke Project” :