Week 3 and 4 Updates

Yolande Amate
Jan 11, 2018 · 1 min read

Happy New Year!

These past two weeks I have been looking at and studying existing kubectl set sub commands and its coverage and then came up with this proposal of what I gathered https://docs.google.com/document/d/17FQDOGlEfBDRJlSyQwAVXMfGbnwD8OQ6IU4Ydqc4HjA/edit?usp=sharing . Also, digging more and taking a closer look at the implementation of the set command and sub commands, I was able to get some understanding of what happens behind the scenes(details also found in the doc above).

Mentor suggested we come up with a consistent strategy for which ‘set’ commands to implement and which not to and also if we could apply the existing ‘set’ commands to more types of objects, but I believe that the currently existing set sub commands already support all possible resource objects for which their operations are valid.
With regards to kubectl ‘set’, we want to be able to grow both dimensions of
- What parameters could be set and
- What these parameters should apply to.

I am currently taking a look at all of the kubernetes resources and their parameters to see which could be set during creation time and also if support for more resource objects could be added to the existing kubectl ‘set’ sub commands.


My experience as an Outreachy intern.

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