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Apocalypse: And look! there appeared to them Moses and Elijah conversing with him (Matthew 17:3)

These two representatives of Moses and Eliyah, are two people, but also two congregations (Lampstands), who organize the worldwide preaching of the good news, in the period just before the great tribulation (Matthew 24:14). In the book of Zechariah (5:1,2) and in Revelation, this preaching is described as a plague against Satan’s system (towards the end of the article) (Revelation 8:7 to 15:8 (the plagues of the seven trumpets); Revelation 16:1 at 22:21 (the end) (the plagues of the seven bowls)).
The first witness, Moses, is the representative of the congregation of the Christians who have the heavenly hope and which number of 7000 will complete the group of 144000, shortly before the great tribulation (Revelation 7:3–8 “144000”; 11:13 “7000”). The second witness Eliyah (Elijah), representative of the congregation of humans who will come out of the great tribulation and have the everlasting life (Revelation 7:9–17 “the great crowd”; 11:13 “the rest became frightened and gave glory to the God of heaven”). The congregation of heavenly holy ones (Moses), is represented by the woman persecuted on earth, by Satan the devil (Revelation 12:13–17a). The congregation of the earthly holy ones (Eliyah), represents “the remaining ones of her offspring” (Revelation 12:17b).
Do these two anointed ones represent two real men? There is no indication to the contrary. Anyway, only Jehovah and Jesus Christ know them (and possibly the both concerned), and at best, they must be recognizable by their respective congregation (Matthew 17:12 “they did not recognize him”). The Two Witnesses represent two congregations, for there are two corresponding lampstands (Revelation 11:3,4).
The presence of these two witnesses, in the prophetic narrative of the Apocalypse, makes it possible to understand the enigmas or prophetic allusions. For this, it is necessary to know the biblical historical accounts in linked to these two anointed ones.

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