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The New Jerusalem and the 1000 Year Judgment (Matthew 19:28)

This idea of ​​the judgment of humanity, expressed by Jesus Christ, stands out symbolically by the presence of the twelve precious stones at the entrance to each of the twelve gates of the city, allowing or preventing entry into this city. What does it mean ? Every gates have the inscription of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, this seems to allude to the twelve tribes of Revelation 7:4–8, therefore the 144,000. The gates give access to the trees of life or not (Compare Revelation 22:2,13,19 with Genesis 3:24). Now in Matthew 19:28, Jesus Christ said that the 144,000 would be established as judges of the 12 tribes of Israel. It therefore seems logical that these gates represent the authority of the 144,000 to judge who will be worthy to enter the city or not. Since these gates are part of the wall, it is logical to think that it is the earthly princes and priests, who will notify on earth what the 144,000 will have decided in heaven (themselves supervised by the twelve apostles (Matthew 19:28)) (See Matthew 18:15–17 and then 18–20). Earthly princes and priests are referred to respectively in the prophecy of Ezekiel 40–48 as “chieftain” (princes) and sons of Zadoc (earthly priests).
The presence of an angel at each door, or twelve angels, seems to describe them as the executors of God’s judgments (Revelation 7:1,2; 12:7; 14:18–20; see also Matthew 13:41,49). They will be decided by the 144,000 in heaven, notified by princes and priests on earth, and effectively enforced by angels. This would also explain that the measurement is made by an angel, to the measurement of man (applied to humans (reed)), that is to say of angel (applied by angels (the gold symbolizes the heavenly matter that covered all the furnishings of the Holy and Most Holy in the temple sanctuary)) (Revelation 21:15–17).
The wall is built of jasper (Revelation 21:18). The sparkle of the jasper stone very accurately reflects the glory of God. Similarly, the dominant sparkle of New Jerusalem is jasper (compare Revelation 4:3, (dominant color emanating from the throne is jasper) with 21:11 (dominant color emanating from New Jerusalem is jasper)). The sparkle of jasper could symbolize the glory of God’s sovereignty, expressed by the administration of New Jerusalem on earth.

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