We don’t know what we’re doing

I did a talk this morning at Sheffield Hallam, sharing a bit about Yoomee and a few things we’ve learned over the years on creativity and making things. Here are some thoughts…

What problem are we trying to solve? Make your work into questions.
That’s a good thing. If we did, we wouldn’t be growing and life would be boring.
Empathy is a designer’s best friend.
We did this project recently. It was fun to see their crazy ideas turn into reality.
Move around. Be flexible in how you work.
As a general rule we ban screens in our co-creation workshops, and just stick to pen and paper. It seems to work well.
Look wide for inspiration. Beyond the “best website gallery” sites. Save and organise everything. Spend time building a library that will help you in the future.
No ideas are actually original. I copy things all the time.
I make space to work on side projects every day. They give me ideas and energy for my other work. And they’ve opened up lots of doors as I’ve shared things online. I currently like making collages.
Break things down into chunks. Stop, come back and make better. Show things to people and learn. Fail quicker.
It’s not hard to learn basic HTML. Code Academy is a good place to start. You can already draw—don’t say you can’t. Just practice and you’ll get better. Drawing is fun, helps you look at the world differently, and communicate ideas better, and it might help you get a job. I think it helped me.
You don’t have to have a paid job in the creative industries to enjoy being creative. Start now. Do the things you love to do. Learn stuff and share your work. Forget your career, you need a calling.
I have this thought most days, and I think a lot of other people do to. Just get on with it. Your best work is ahead of you.
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