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I don’t read much of Sri Lankan news papers. By the way myself and my guys are already working on a mobile application with great user experience is about to get released by April Sinhalese and Tamil new year.

Anyway while exploring Facebook I found a news topic which was shared by a well repudiated friend of mine. I just wanted to read further about the specific news item. The soon I tapped on the link I wasn’t even interested to continue reading because the experience was “Zero”. Here I am sharing the screenshot of it;

The initial screenshot was removed, because the screenshot created a conversational discussion with my peers. But this post is with the latest screenshots.
Tried to visit the Dailymirror.lk after searching from Google, this was the page i notice after hardly getting out of the ad’ which was displayed as a model.

The DailyMirror.lk with the ad, the ad is not even fully visible and why the business owners spend pile of money for such content provider to publish their ads?
After hardly scrolled to the left side of the screen to get rid this ad.

What are the issues do you spot here are what I’ve spotted too. Perhaps you have no idea what is the issue. Since I have done HCI I straight away spotted the issues and didn’t wanted to stay in that page for longer. Looks a like DailyMirror.lk has not followed the basic syntax and semantics. Hence overall it gave me the very bad experience for the first time user like me.

Dear DailyMirror online publication /development team. This is 2016 and try to give the better user experience for the Sri Lankans, indeed we Sri Lankans deserve better experience. Just focus on the experience of the users, rather just adding ads all over the page and get income. Usually giving and getting is what called business, you guys give low quality content and trying to make money as much as possible.

The solution don’t have to be top notch, but at least make things easy for the mobile users. If you guys cannot do or out of technology leadership or resources, better option is just outsource.

Originally published at yoosuf.me on March 12, 2016.

I help Startups and Brands specifically to design and develop MVP products. If you need to talk to me just contact me via http://yoosuf.me.

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