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YOP First Live Demo: V0 Launch Phase

Main Net TX with Maren Altman

Big milestone for us today. Our first live demo video is published and we sent a main net transaction to our special guest Maren Altman. You can see the live transaction hash on Etherscan here.

This now brings us to the final sprint in completing development of V0 to ship in Q1. There is no date set for launch but we plan to announce this date once we have final testing complete. Subject to no delays or major bugs, this should be in the coming weeks between Feb/March.

YOP V0 Connects to Main Net

Our live demo video shows V0 working from an early version that was running on an Apple iOS device for testing. Although not all features on the front end are visible the base architecture has been completed. Live data feeds are on display. The next demo we plan to record going through each of the 5 products in more detail by checking market data, swapping a token in the dex, depositing to the wallet, entering a DeFi yield contract and tracking it on the dashboard.

Live Demo Video

We look forward to sharing the updates as they come and are excited to bring a new customer focused product to market. Stay tuned for more announcements and partnerships coming.

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