Designing the ideal delivery team for your next PACS project

Dr Daniel Fascia
Mar 6, 2018 · 4 min read
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To rebuild your next PACS, you’re gonna need a great team with a wide skill mix — here’s who we think you need.

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) are the fundamental unit of data storage, viewing and interpretation for any radiology department. A good system is vital to the smooth functioning of any radiology service, and most of us have had these systems for over 10-years now.

For this you’re going to need the best team possible, and here’s our guide to who you need on that team.

That means for many services, it’s time to refresh and replace our technology again — in fact this step is overdue in most institutions. Buying any large scale business critical IT system is daunting first time round, but replacing such a beast presents a whole new set of challenges whilst keeping the busy service running at full steam.

For this you’re going to need the best team possible, and here’s our guide to who you need on that team.

Who to recruit to your PACS team

1. Radiology Service Manager

2. PACS Manager

This person is the glue central to your project, they will be the port of call for all problems from end users, radiologists, clinicians and will act as the key bridge to vendors during the process. That’s because there is simply nobody else who gets as close to the detail of problems than the PACS manager.

3. Radiologist

4. Project Manager

5. Radiographer

6. An Executive Board Member

7. Your Vendors

  • Exiting vendor — perhaps not as interested as you may hope
  • Incumbent vendor — Already got a contract and not looking to be either overly helpful or a hindrance
  • Inbound vendor — trying hard to be great but vitally lacking in internal knowledge of the organisation and current systems

Your vendors should sit at the table as often as possible to prevent discussions wasted wondering if something is possible or when something is going to happen. This is likely to require the use of web meetings or conference calls.

Getting it right

For further advice on how to form a successful PACS delivery team, The Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative provide consultation and regular workshops.

What do you think? Do you have any tips on getting the PACS delivery team right?

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