Ollie Clabon
May 13, 2018 · 3 min read

What is Yorlet?

Yorlet is a new property management platform, that is bridging the gap between property and technology.

We’re using intuitive design and the latest technologies to make renting easier for everyone.

We’ve developed two solutions: Portfolio for private landlords; and Bloc for the build to rent sector.

Portfolio is our platform designed for private landlords to manage their individual properties.

Some of the features include automated property advertisements, rapid tenant on-boarding tools and online rent collection & reconciliation.

In the first 28 days alone, Portfolio secured over £1.4m of rental contracts for our landlords.

The feedback from our Portfolio customers has been great and we’re excited to continue to grow the platform and develop new features.

Bloc is our newest product, and we believe it will be the most comprehensive and forward-thinking platform available to the build to rent sector.

It enables operators and asset managers to become fully aligned, and run their blocks more efficiently than ever.

What really sets Bloc apart is that it facilitates the best possible experience for residents, helping build long-term customers for BTR brands.

Yorlet’s platforms allow you to effortlessly keep track of tenants’ applications.

How are you different to legacy property management software?

Legacy property management software fundamentally fails to recognise the value in two things: tenant experience and data collection.

We believe there is significant value to be harnessed in improving tenant experience.

If you’re a private landlord, an improved tenant experience means increased chances of re-lettings and referrals on your properties.

Additionally, there are a number of landlord review websites that now exist, hence maintaining a good reputation amongst potential customers is more important than ever.

For BTR brands, the value of improving customer experience is even greater.

How does Yorlet help improve customer experience?

Expectations have changed since the inception of the internet.

We now live in an age when unintuitive navigations and fragmented web pages mean lost customers.

Your tenants will not thank you for broken links and clunky websites, and it doesn’t make for a great first impression.

Yorlet allows your tenants to sign tenancy agreements from anywhere in the world, in just a few clicks.

First impressions are important.

Landlords who opt for Yorlet will give the best first, and lasting impression by making tenants’ lives straightforward.

We developed Bloc because we see the huge untapped value in optimising your tenants digital experience, by making the rental process as straightforward as possible.

Using software that most effectively facilitates the best possible ongoing living experience will make the difference between building a successful BTR brand or not.

Why is data important in the build to rent sector?

Legacy software is failing to spot is the power of properly collecting and utilising your portfolio’s data.

We believe the all-encompassing nature of Bloc is the key component that allows data to be collected and understood more effectively than ever.

We offer tools that help asset owners identify how they can improve the management portfolios.

One example of this is having a clear display of the breakdown of demographics who are renting units in your building.

Having a deeper understanding of these demographics helps you inform design decisions for future projects.

What’s next?

We’re ambitious, extremely driven and have big plans for the future — our mission is to rapidly expand our platforms and offer new features at an unmatched rate.

If you’d like to learn more about our platforms, you can book a demo or chat to one of our team — we’d love help!

Team Yorlet

The next generation of property management.


Yorlet is an innovative residential property management platform. We're on a mission to simplify renting for everyone.

Ollie Clabon

Written by

Head of Marketing @ Yorlet



Yorlet is an innovative residential property management platform. We're on a mission to simplify renting for everyone.

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