Focus On Learning Not ‘Failing Forward’

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‘Failing Forward’ became a painfully overused mantra with the second coming of the Silicon Valley tech explosion. the purpose of failing forward is that when you are getting started, not worry about succeeding as much as getting all your failures out of the way early, learning from them along the way forward toward your eventual success.

The problem with folks who buy into this strategy to easily is that they never get the point of why they are failing. The failure should be a point of learning that may place you closer to a set goal, or convince you that the set goal is not feasible. The failure connects to a mission, and the mission failure could be a setback or a disaster. A disaster can be a learning experience, but few people will be looking to hire the next great leader who gains their knowledge from a string of disasters.

You should focus on successes — minor successes that you can grow into major ones. You can learn from success and failure, but in your path to success, you have a lesson plan to follow if you are not a successful as you would like.

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