5 tips on how to cope with your depression

Here are some of our tips to help those suffering with depression.

Depression is hard to cope with especially alone — the isolation of yourself from the world, your family and friends, losing interest in the things that you once used to love and that continuous downward spiral added with numerous negative thoughts.

Hopefully these tips can help you cope much more better with your depression.


Group of friends talking

Whether it be talking to your friends, someone who you are very close with, family members, a Doctor or a Counsellor. Talking is the first step to overcoming your depression.

Talking to someone about how you are feeling and what you are going through can be hard. You may feel ashamed, embarrassed or you may think that the person won’t understand and eventually you end up isolating yourself from everyone.

However, always remember that you are not alone and help is always there if you need it. Talking and keeping in touch with friends and family, gives you a really good support network of people for you to always be able to talk to whenever you are alone; these are people that care about you and want to help you. So never be afraid to reach out to them.

Daughter and Mother talking

2. Taking time out for yourself

Taking time out for yourself is well needed especially for your own well-being, personal development, self awareness and of course your recovery.

This could mean —spending time away from social media (deactivating your accounts for a week, a month or if needed even a whole year). Social media can become a bit too much for some of us — seeing people enjoying their lives and us thinking why can’t our lives be like that or asking the question, why am I the only one going through what I am experiencing in my life. Seeing the constant false imagery of happiness 24/7 can be overwhelming and for many of us it can make you feel worst about yourself. In many ways it can also be detrimental to your depression, rather than making you feel any better. If it helps, you can even take a break away from your phone over the weekends — turn it off, do not check for or reply to any emails and messages and just have a detox weekend. (Steven Bartlett — Social media is making us sick)

Going to a park — there are lots of amazing parks in London and around the UK where you can spend time alone to just think or read a book or even get some work done — a change of environment always helps to change your mindset and your mood, especially if its on a sunny day.

Sunken Garden at Hampton Court Palace

Watch some inspirational videos on YouTube or a movie that you like on Netflix.

Watching movies/documentaries

Spend some time reading books — non-fiction or fiction whatever is your preference. Many find that fictional books can take their mind off their reality and put them in this sort of ‘fictional world’ where the story in the book takes them. Reading books that are relatable to what you’re going through or how you are feeling can be helpful or even self-help books. There are lots of great books out there such as The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Greatness is upon you by Eric Thomas, Overcoming Depression by Ernest Kouassi and many, many others. Even reading books on things that interest you for example, tech, marketing, politics, sport, science, history, business, etc.


By doing all these things, it helps you to create a space to allow yourself to think, be comfortable being with your own company at times, for you to work on your self awareness — reflect on what makes you happy, what things make you feel how you feel right now and your personal development — how can you improve your current situation, yourself and achieve your goals.

Spending time away to work on yourself is very important to everyone’s well-being. Put yourself first and show yourself some love and TLC.

Love Yourself First

3. Travel

Travelling and being in a totally different environment can help change your mood.

Go explore, learn new things- like a new language, taste new foods, immerse yourself in the new culture of the country that you are visiting, have fun and learn more about yourself whilst on your travels especially if you are doing solo travelling.

We enjoy the freedom to be able to travel anywhere in the world we want, so take the opportunity and enjoy it! Yes travelling to some places maybe costly but there are lots of places within your city and even your country you can travel to for a weekend break if you want to save some £££.

Brighton, UK
Barcelona, Spain
Manchester, UK
Cuba, South America
Accra, Ghana

4. Identify your triggers

Identify what or who makes you feel the way you do. This is key to your recovery from depression and your mental well-being.

Your triggers maybe easily identifiable to you — it could just be as simple as being around certain people or an environment that puts you in a negative frame of mind, if so draw yourself away from them.

Think about what causes your negative thoughts and makes you feel down. Once you identify them, you or with the help of your family, friends or even a Counsellor can work together to come up with the best way to deal with them.

Write down your triggers

5. Be Active

Being active can help take your mind off things, reduce the likeness of negative thoughts and change your mood — feeling more happy or feeling good about yourself.

There are a plethora of things you can do to be active:-

  • Going to the gym — when you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins, they trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. For example, the feeling that follows after you’ve had a run or workout, yeah that feeling is known as a “runner’s high” which can be accompanied by a positive and energising outlook on life.

Regular exercise can reduce stress, reduce anxiety, boost your self-esteem and improve your sleep.

Workout in the gym
  • Running — keeps you fit, increases your self-esteem and while you are running you can explore different places.
  • Take up a sport — there are lots of sports clubs around. Why not join your local football club, athletics club, rowing club, etc.
  • Start doing an activity — join a book club, go to tech, business, marketing, meet ups — anything that interests you. You can join your local political party if you are into politics, your local church groups, there are so many other activities you can join and get involved in.
Book club
  • Hobby — find a hobby or turn what you enjoy doing into a hobby. If you like films or you are a filmmaker, you can become a YouTuber talking about your passion for film and you could even do film reviews every week on your channel. It could even be art, showcase your artistic creativity. Art can be used as a way of expressing your feelings and even tell a story. Anything that you are passionate about or any skill you have, you can utilise it and turn into something meaningful or even monetise it.

If you aren’t passionate about anything or don’t have a skill then explore and try lots of new things until you find something that you truly love doing.

Street Art

These are our 5 tips for coping with depression. Hope they helped anyone suffering from depression.

If you have any other tips for coping with depression please add them below in the comments.

(If you have a friend or family member or know anyone suffering from depression do share this with them.)

Just remember that….

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