The Idea Behind “You Can BBQ Tew”

While low and slow, traditional BBQ and alternative methods of cooking meat over fire have been around for centuries, it is only now becoming mainstream in Australia.

I first fell in love with charcoal on a visit to Hawaii with work and the smell of meat burning over charcoal sent my senses into overdrive. It was a smell that I had to replicate when I returned home. And so I did.

With a $50 kettle BBQ from Bunnings.

Heatbeads were my choice of fuel and I spent every waking minute pouring over how to make the best BBQ for my family. Fast forward a couple of years and I received a Texas Offset from my wife.

While it was/is the entry level offset on the market, it has been my rig for the past 4 years. I’ve struggled for many of those four years trying to figure out how to get the most of my BBQ and present the best possible product to my family. But the stars were not aligned.

One thing that I’ve since realised is that it was a combination of lack of knowledge, equipment, and experience. Something that I feel a lot of people who are just stepping into this world probably also struggle with.

That’s where my goal has derived from.

What’s the difference between charcoal, heatbeads and solid wood BBQ? Well, besides the obvious, there’s quite a lot. But a Google search of “What to put in an offset smoker” returns over 400,000 results, a bunch of crappy old videos and thousands of articles with conflicting advice.

While to the guys and gals who have been cooking for years, this may seem trivial and irrelevant. This content isn’t aimed at you and you’re the ones I’m still learning from.

This adventure is meant to provide a resource to everyone and is simply a way that I can document my progress and even get my kids involved.

Plus, it gives me an excuse to cook more. But who needs that right?

So with that, all said and done, thanks for the support now and into the future. All I ask is that you help your fellow BBQ’er by sharing content that you think is beneficial and that will help them become a better cook.

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