YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE? Tough, hard, nearly-impossible packaging on a product.

Companies, I get it. You want to make sure the product is safe and sound so that the buyer would be satisfied with it when he receives it. But, holy fuck, why do you got to make the damn packaging hard?

I bought a number of correction tapes online, and it comes in a box of ten in a nice sealed, plastic cover and cardboard-base box. Now, I want to open it up. Alright, I use my hand to try to pry open the plastic cover. I can’t. Maybe I’m weak. Let’s try again.

I still can’t.

I know companies want to make sure the product don’t fall out of the packaging, but what in the holy mother of fucks is this? Why do you have to make it so strong that a human needs scissors to cut it off? Isn’t it supposed to be easy to remove the cover so that people can take their product efficiently?

You thought I’m done? Hell no. Sometimes, not even the scissors can cut it. It’s like the scissors is so weak compared to the plastic cover. Then, you got to use your brain, and think of some solutions. Bend it, use a knife, place it in hot water to expand it. Seriously, why make the user go through all these damn problems when all they want is the product? They don’t want this rigid plastic shit. It’s not like they’re going to use it to shield them against gunshots or something. You know what’s the worse part of it? You might ruin the product! If you use too much force, the product might just fall onto the floor and, in worst case scenarios, break.

When I use too much force to open the packaging, all my correction tapes dropped. I have to squat and pick them up one by one. It’s so inconvenient and at the same time, so stupid. Why do the manufacturers got to package the damn product with this kind of cover? Geez.



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