Protein Bars — Likee?

As mentioned in my previous post (Lizzy’s Low Sugar Granola — Likee?), I am looking at cutting back on sugar intake to help lose weight. Issue is — I love chocolate and sweets. I always had and will always have a sweet tooth. How would I ever cut down on sweets?!

My friend, who has convinced me to go on this journey, introduced me to Protein Bars. There are many of them and I have tried a few. There are 2 that I love as they are low in sugar, high in protein and kill my chocolate craving!

FulFill Vitamin and Protein Bar

They come in various flavors — which to be fair I have not tried them all as I am not a big fan of i.e coconut. My personal favorite is the Peanut and Caramel one.

It reminds me a lot of a Snickers bar — but a healthier one :) Its nutty, chocolaty and delicious. Best part of it all — it has less than 2 grams of sugar per bar!


per 100g per 55g serving Energy (kJ) 1555 kJEnergy (kJ) 855 kJEnergy (kcal) 373 kcal Energy (kcal) 205 kcal Fat 15.9 g Fat 8.8 g Saturated fatty acids 7.9 g Saturated fatty acids 4.4 g Carbohydrates 18.8 g Carbohydrates 10.3 g Sugars 3.3 g Sugars 1.8 g Polyols 12.4 g Polyols 6.8 g Fiber 16.1 g Fiber 8.9 g Protein 36.3 g Protein 20.0 g Salt 0.73 g Salt 0.40 g

These are great to have for afternoon snack when your energy is low and you need a nice boost.

Grenade Carb Killa High Protein Bar

Again — many flavors to chose from — but my personal favorite are Peanut Nutter and Caramel Chaos. Great bars with 2.0 g or less of sugar per bar.

I tend to rotate between both so I don’t get tired of any — kills my sweet cravings and keeps the sugar intake low.

You likee?

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