I don´t know how to talk to women!

Like seriously, can somebody help me?

Since I´m trying to organise a threesome, talking with women is kind of a part of the deal and I have to say, I now have a newly-acquired empathy for men who are trying to talk to these fickle, nice-smelling creatures. The great majority of my attempts to take a woman home with us have gone something along the lines of the interaction bellow:

ME: Hi.

Woman: Hi.

ME: I like your dress / Where are you from / Nice music the DJ is playing, etc.

Woman: Thanks / Tunis / Yes, etc.

ME: Something Something bla bla bla

Woman: Something something bla bla bla.

ME: Appropriate response.

Woman: Hahahaha

ME: Hahahaha *turns around for a second*

Woman: *leaves*

ME: *Thousand yard stare*

This literally happened to me four times last Sunday, after which I have to wonder, how does anybody ever successfully take a woman home from a party? Like, I know it happens, I even was the woman who guys used to take home after parties and I did, and still do, say no to proposals of such endeavors on a relatively regular basis. But how the hell does one get from the witty retort to leaving the club together? This guy I met the other weekend said that I should just say to them that they are cute and kiss them. However, I, as a woman, find that approach to be too direct and would be turned off by a person who chose to communicate with me in that manner. But as I am seeing now, after visiting a few sex parties and clubs, I am a bit square when it comes to sex (the irony of that sentence though).

Or maybe, because I am not seen as a de facto sexual partner due to my lack of penis and two boobs too many, I indeed do need to be more direct in my interactions with women if we are to get somewhere. Because probably, outside of a sex club environment, I am indeed not immediately seen as somebody who has come over with the intention of flirting.

I don´t know, what do you guys think? Should I study Neil Strauss? Should I just go in for the kiss and be a bit gross like that? Are there any women out there who have experience picking up women?

Seriously, anything you got, I can use.