A New York Minute Facebook Ad

Hello! One of the number one questions I get is how I run page ads.

Please Do NOT use this page as an example because I don’t know about you but I am not so good at running them for myself — I run them for friends and clients.

Seeing that I keep emailing my strategy to my dearest friends I thought I would share it with my blog readers www.julieangelos.com here.

Here is how I have reached some really good results — like 500 page likes in half a day spending as little as a dollar.

Bookmark and find your power editor.

Choose a cool picture that has less than 20 percent text.
Read about:

Create Your Own Signature Course™ using my free mini course.

Create Your Signature Course™

☐✓ Think of your free Idea. Set call dates and times.

☐✓ Create an optin page.

☐✓ Write your email automation.

☐✓ Practice your slide show presentation.

☐✓ Program your emails into your mail service.

☐✓ Figure out your launch, I have a good one.

☐✓ Record your live call ever green technology

☐✓ Publish post.

☐✓ Push the Boost button!

☐✓ Use graph search to define audience.

☐✓ Choose a budget and a start date.

☐✓1 Choose your campaign from your page

☐✓ Create a new campaign.

☐✓ Select: Use Old Ad Types

☐✓ Select Page Post Ad

☐✓ Select your previously published post.

☐✓ Uncheck the ‘use recent post’ box.

☐✓ Placement? mostly mobile.

☐✓ Select your audience. I find big and targeted works for me.

☐✓ Go

Have fun!


- Julie

PS I used one of my twitter pictures as a cross promotion. What do you think? Good idea? What kind of picture has worked for you? I also heard live is what is up and coming, what do you think? Thanks in advance.

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