Design and Content — A Dialogue for Box Office Collections

Actors and Makers. Design and Content.

“They love me. They come back for me.”

“But who makes you run, jump, smile, or fight?”

“You. But you cannot run it alone.”

“And the story?”

“Script is certainly important but I help you bring that script on screen for the audience. Audience loves the experience.”

“But I bring many teams and roles together, to connect the dots so that the audience sees the finished product in the language they want, on the device of their choice, and at their preferred time.”

“But I work hard.”

“I appreciate it but I start working before your role starts and I continue working after your role ends. Every time.”

“I bring the glamour quotient, the X-factor.”

“True, and that is why I invest in you. It is also true that your style complements the substance that I bring to the table.”

“People remember actors.”

“Right, but keep in mind that the next generation remakes for scripts and not for actors.”

“People follow us. They chase us. Adore us. We are loved more.”

“Certainly. But you enjoy all this attention because you are part of my vision.”

A conversation between an actor and a movie maker. Or between design and content?

Actors and Movie Makers

We upvote a movie, admire the actors, and fall in love with the music. Most often, the actors become the face of the movie. The posters and some iconic scenes are etched in our memory.

We do not always feel thankful to the team or to the person whose vision is realized in the movie, who plans, invests, and takes risk. All dialogues, locations, movements, and fashion statements are a movie maker’s vision and although one hires specialists for different tasks, it is the maker’s vision that an actor realizes on screen and we fall in love with the actors.

Design and Content

This is almost true for products where people love to see how easily they could select a product, place an online order, and get it delivered. This experience is a joy for them.

The buttons, the collapsible icons, and the grid to showcase products — are the actors. They are the face of the maker’s vision. Customers rarely see that content plays a role everywhere. Whether it was strategically planned See more brands button, or Download the guide — The Changing Face of B2B Sales in 2017, or the Cancel the invoice checkbox.

The instructions and interface copy is to be scanned. Like the background of a holding scene in a movie. What triggers emotions and actions by a customer hold higher value. The meaning of confirmation message that product is shipped, a download is complete, or the new contact is added to the CRM — is more important.

The words are not really noticed. Audience does not really care for the behind the scenes real players. But film makers are happy this way. They are concerned with the result, the box office collections. So are we, the content strategists.

Let the actors and buttons be on stage.

No violence. No offense. A plain language conversation. Courtesy forever.

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