21 Ways To Make 2021 Your Year

By Nathaniel

Jan 27 · 7 min read
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Make this year your year! Yes… it’s soo cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason. Maybe your new year’s resolutions just never seem to work out, or your goals seem to just keep drifting further away, but by keeping some of the things below in mind you can boss up and have an amazing 2021. Without further ado, here are 21 ways to make 2021 your year:

1. Figure out what your goals are

Ask yourself, what is it that you want? More importantly, why do you want it? How do you plan to get it? Even though your answers may not be 100% clear, if you have a desire and if you think it will make a positive impact in your life, go chase it.

2. Fix your systems

A goal without a plan is just a wish or a dream. Build a system or routine and integrate it into your life. For example, my goal for 2021 is to read a book beginning-to-end every two weeks. If I don’t set time aside and pick books to read, my goal is no different than words just coming out of my mouth.

3. Love yourself

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Another cliche saying, but it’s important. Without self-love, it’s hard to love anything else whether it’s a daily task or a loved one. It will be difficult. J Cole’s “Love Yourz” will give you all the reasons you need to love yourself.

4. Pick up a new hobby

Do that thing you always said you were going to do but didn’t have time for. Go fishing, try rock climbing, start a puzzle, go for a run, talk with your friends more. Doing more of your hobby is doing more of what makes you happy.

5. Take up an old hobby

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Similar to the last one, but do it! I personally used to love reading as a kid. As I grew up and life just got busier, I lost interest and time. Setting time aside now, I have found my love for reading again.

6. Express gratitude

In a webinar with a Counselling & Clinical Services psychologist I heard that expressing gratitude can make a positive impact on your mental health. Write down one thing daily that you are grateful for, on your notes app on your phone or in a notebook. It can be a large blessing like a roof over your head, or a small moment of kindness.

7. Meditate

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Gain a new perspective and understanding of yourself. Increase your self-awareness and deal with the stressors in your life with mediation. Meditation can really expand your creativity and overall make you a more patient and creative person.

8. Pray

This one might not be for everyone, but there have been times in my life where I have been distant from God. Reconnecting with my faith through prayer has changed my life for the better.

9. Take time for yourself

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We can often feel guilty for our lack of productivity when we spend time for ourselves. Whether it’s a distraction, time used towards our hobbies, or even a weekend getaway, the to-do list won’t get any shorter. Don’t feel guilty about treating yourself to some time off to recharge your batteries. Schedule the time to rest so it won’t interfere with your goals.

10. Embrace discomfort

Struggle is a necessary investment for progress. By embracing your discomfort, you are allowing yourself to grow. This is easier said than done, but one way I try to embrace discomfort is by trying to figure out the root of the discomfort and ask myself: why is this causing me to be uncomfortable? After I realize that my discomfort will pass, I began to live in the moment and challenge myself to grow.

11. Be accountable to yourself

Do you want to have a month’s progress toward your goal or a month worth of excuses? Accountability measures help keep the systems you have put in place active. Holding yourself accountable can be hard on your own so embrace discomfort and reach out to others that can help you achieve your goals by holding you to them.

12. Exercise

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I don’t have much to say. We all know we should be doing this. It’s good for our physical, mental, and emotional health. It doesn’t have to be going to a traditional gym to squat or bench press; justd oing something active for about 30 minutes a day can really make a difference.

13. Learn to live in the moment

Don’t let life pass you by! Embrace your feelings and emotions. Human beings are truly remarkable because we will forget what happened and what was said, but we will never forget how we felt.

14. Journal

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I only recently began to journal but it’s already made a significant impact on my life. I use a journal to map out what I want, and to draft a game plan to achieve it. Also, I am forgetting things less often thanks to my comprehensive to-do list. I also write down my thoughts, memorable quotes, and moments, and it really has given me control of my life. A colleague of mine on the YouAlberta team, Laura, wrote a great post on “All the Ways to Use a Bullet Journal” which has even more ideas to get you started journaling.

15. Give back to your community

If you get by giving, set aside some time and effort to do that this year. You are capable of giving back even if it’s different than you imagined.

16. Manifest

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Embody your goals and don’t be ashamed of what they are. By keeping your goals front of mind, you are more likely to make decisions in your day to day that will inch you closer.

17. Heal

If there is something holding you back, you are feeling broken, or you seem stuck, get the help you need! Whether it’s sitting with discomfort, reaching out to someone for closure, or talking to someone, only you know the healing you need so put it off no longer.

18. Get rid of the toxic things in your life

Easier said than done. Only you know how to do this, but it will make you better. When the toxic things are removed from your life, fill that space with positive things to keep you on the right track.

19. Fix your algorithms

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This really helped my mental health and productivity. Really take a look at what’s in your echo chamber. Is it making a positive impact in your life? Asking yourself why you consume the media that you do can answer a lot of questions as to why you think the way you do. If you have a naturally “negative” algorithm, be conscious about what you see and who you’re listening to, and make positive changes.

20. Reconnect with people

Reach out to someone you’ve been thinking about, but haven’t connected with in a while. Call your loved ones that usually call you. Get closure on past relationships. Send a text to that friend you drifted apart from. Connecting with the ones we aren’t close with but still care about can bring true healing or spark a new dynamic into your relationship.

21. Don’t take these 21 things too seriously

You can’t be all grind all the time, otherwise you will burn out. Make a few positive changes and stick to the good habits that help bring up those changes and make you feel better.

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