25 Signs It’s Time to Graduate

Nov 5, 2019 · 3 min read

By Azra

When the make-up of faces on campus has changed:

  • The familiar faces of high school classmates have disappeared from campus.
  • When you do run into old high school classmates, it’s because they are employees of the university.
  • Former classmates are your TA or supervising your exams.

When your study habits have changed:

  • You do your textbook readings in advance…you already know what happens when you don’t.
  • Midterms don’t phase you anymore because you have written so many.
  • The library is strictly for studying, not socializing.
  • No study spots are secret to you, you have studied everywhere.
  • You have finally figured out how to successfully manage university. It almost feels too easy…
  • There are no more easy GPA booster options to choose from because you have taken all of them.

You used to do these things, but you know better now:

  • You giggle when you see people taking notes during syllabus day.
  • You let the students in the class before yours fully leave the lecture room before you enter.
  • Pre-med and pre-law are terms you don’t hear anymore. We’re all pre-retirement.
  • You are over the debate about which degree is the most useful. All you want is a degree.

When you think you know all campus secrets:

  • You avoid that 10-minute break to get somewhere if you can.
  • You decide to walk on the left-hand side of HUB just to see what will happen.
  • Campus used to be scary, huge, and unfamiliar. Now you know routes to each building that allow for the least amount of time braving the cold.
  • The LRT has broken down so many times, you would rather just walk.
  • You feel like you shouldn’t go for free food/coffee, but you still do.
  • You have a favourite washroom.

You can’t pass as a first year even if you wanted to.

  • With each passing year, the conversations happening in SUB between first years become more and more unrelatable to your life.
  • You feel a sense of superiority, but also kinship, to the “optimistic and naïve” first years.
  • You snicker at the young couples showing PDA ’cause you’re jaded, but also secretly jealous.
  • Fast food used to be your go-to campus eat, but you are no longer 18 and avoid fast food like the plague.
  • Hangovers are multi-day events.

Finally: You are feeling an itch for the next chapter! (Good thing graduation is around the corner!)

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Student life: You live it. We share it.


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Student life: You live it. We share it.

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