8 Unexpected, But Hilarious Finds From Across Campus

By Rachel

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since starting school here at the U of A, it’s that we sure know how to have a sense of humour. I’ve collected the various textbook pages, syllabus descriptions, class emails, and other various student-ly things over the years that are unexpected jems of hilarity, and have just been itching to share them. So, here are just some of the most hilarious things I’ve come across at the U of A:

Found: October 22, 2013

Kicking this off with a question on a practice quiz that I took back in 2013 when I was in Bio 107. I was so worried I’d fail this course because when I first read this, it genuinely confused me. Luckily I was able to see the humour in the question before I moved on to the next one.

Found: February 2, 2014

Getting settled into the second term of my first year and I was happy to see psychologists have a very dry sense of humour.

Found: February 9, 2014

No explanation I have could actually explain what is portrayed in this photo, of which I found in my World Literature textbook.

The man’s face = what uni students look like when they go to a job interview after graduation.

The cat’s face = what we actually feel inside basically all the time. Also, best illustrated photobomb ever?

Found: April 6, 2014

This email feed was supposed to be used exclusively to share study notes. I would say that this qualifies as an iconic Popular Music lyric.

Found: October 9, 2014

Even playwrights that lived before Shakespeare found farts funny, apparently. Points to whoever phrased this to make it sound less like what it actually is: farting in a “House of Lords.”

Found: December 31, 2014

I decided to be a keener one year and check my syllabus on New Year’s Eve…and was pleased to find a chuckle hidden inside.

Found: February 9, 2015

Ah yes, I remember this. It took me a conversation with at least three different people before I realized what my prof actually wrote on my paper.

Add “Professor” to: The Professions Where You Must Have Near-Illegible Handwriting (also includes doctors)

Found: February 27, 2015

Evidently this was an exciting month. It wasn’t Halloween but someone still decided to hang a feature of The Sims right on top of where profs usually stand. The result:

Even when homework gets heavy and life gets a bit draining, I’ve still been able to find a laugh here at the U of A. Shout out to all of the professors, textbook authors, staff, and fellow students who have succeeded in making my experience here hilarious.

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