Campus Pastimes: Frisbee in QUAD (and Other Places…)

By Albert

Need a study break? Killing time between classes? Bored and looking to throw stuff around on campus? There’s a solution to all these issues, in the form of a magical, flying discus. Yes, the Frisbee! It’s versatile, cheap, and can involve as many or as few players as you want. When it comes to what you can do with a Frisbee, the sky is the limit (right?). 

Dad-esque jokes aside, if you’ve walked through QUAD on a summer’s day, you’ve seen people playing with Frisbees… below are the things they’re likely doing.

Ultimate Frisbee

The premise of ultimate Frisbee is quite simple. In many ways, it’s similar to hand ball, with some bits of soccer, and depending who you talk to, maybe a little bit of football too. I wouldn’t do justice trying to explain the rules here, but if you need a refresher, you can find the rules Ultimate Canada rules here OR you can check out the quick “What is Ultimate” guide on the U of A Ultimate Club’s website.

In any case, you get the opportunity to do some cool dives into the end zone!

This is a great team sport, and can be done on a regular basis or at random. And I know you play Ultimate Ualberta, a walk through quad at lunch time is just about all the proof I need! Other good locations to play, assuming that you prefer setting up your own random play, include Lister field, and the Corbett Hall Green.

If you are looking to play with a little more structure and regularity, check out the Campus Rec Ultimate Frisbee league or the U of A Ultimate Club.

Campus Rec offers both competitive and rec leagues over the summer session (the big difference between the two being that the competitive teams get to have playoffs, while the rec teams can from time to time be awarded extra games). 

You can get involved either as a team, or as a free agent once sign up becomes available. 

Side Note: I can’t tell if the U of A Ultimate Club is still active, but they appear on BearsDen (i.e. the student group database/community which is a good sign). If they have disbanded though, you never know when someone might get it started again. It could even be you! Yes, you!

Frisbee Golf

When I was 11, a friend introduced me to Frisbee Golf, and immediately I was hooked. The name pretty much says it all: it’s like golf, only you use a Frisbee instead of a ball. Because of this, it’s relatively cheap, can be played anywhere with identifiable landmarks, and is much easier to pick up, especially if your golf swing needs a bit of work! Normally there are actual cages for targets, but you can also use trees or other easily identifiable things instead.

These are the general rules:

1–4 players

1–18 “holes” each with a starting point

Players take turns aiming for the target, every throw is one point, and on subsequent turns, you throw from where your Frisbee landed.

Lowest score wins.

YouAlberta’s Frisbee Golf Course

I made this course with a friend a few weeks ago. We thought it provided a good challenge, we might also not be the best shots. We specifically chose locations which were off the main path in order to explore some green areas, as well as avoid hitting people or breakable objects. For all of these locations, the foot icon indicates the starting point, unless the picture includes someone taking the shot, in which case imagine yourself standing where the person is.

*Disclaimer: While we picked areas without nearby breakable objects, there are occasional windows. Watch your swing!

Target 1 — Arts/Business QUAD — Par 4

UAlberta Frisbee Golf - Target 1

For this one it’s not so much the distance that’s troubling, but the obstacles that will be in your way.

Target 2 — QUAD (facing CCIS) — Par 4

Frisbee Golf in QUAD

No holding back on this one, get your strong arm ready for force!

Target 3 — QUAD (facing Athabasca Hall) — Par 2

Frisbee Golf in QUAD

Begin at the corner of the metal statue. (Also, in case you haven’t noticed it before… there’s a metal statue in QUAD, just by what’s left of V-Wing.)

Target 4 — Engineering QUAD — PAR 4

Frisbee Golf by Comp Sci

Stand 3–4 feet to the left of the engineering sign post (whose edge is visible on the far right of this image). This one has a risk of going onto the path, if this happens, start from the beginning!

Target 5 — Engineering QUAD Again — Par 4

Frisbee Golf in the Eng QUAD

Another tough one, obstacles abound.

Target 6 — The Jubilee Auditorium Green — Par 3

Frisbee Golf @ the Jubilee Auditorium

Target 7 — The Jubilee Auditorium Green Again — Par 2

Frisbee Gold next to ECHA

Target 8 — Lister Field — Par 3

Frisbee Gold behind Lister

Target 9 — Lister Field Again — Par 2

Frisbee Golf on Lister Field

Bonus! (And proof that people really do play Frisbee on campus…)

Interestingly enough, when we were out, a quick look to the left and, a friendly game of Ultimate Frisbee! They asked us to join, as we were two students with three Frisbees. But we were on a mission, a mission that was scheduled to end with frozen yogurt. (And I am pleased to say that it did.)

Special thanks to Alan Elms for helping me with photography, picking out locations, and being an excellent model.