Have You Met…Lucia?

Dec 15, 2020 · 6 min read

Welcome YouAlberta’s “Have You Met” series in collaboration with @ualbertastudents! Every other week we’ll get to know a student from the University of Alberta.

Have you met Lucia, fourth-year Fashion Business Management student, and Events Vice President of the Strategic Management and Organization Club? Spend the next few minutes getting to know her a bit better!

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  • Unpredictable
  • Challenging
  • Humbling

My first couple years at U of A didn’t go so smoothly. I was very confused as to what my program I should pick, so every year I kept changing my mind, since I wasn’t happy in any of my previous choices. It wasn’t until the beginning of my third year that I found out about a new program in the Faculty of ALES called Fashion Business Management. I was immediately drawn to it and with further research, I decided that that would enroll in it. I had always been obsessed with Fashion Design in my teenage years but let go of that dream since back then I thought I’d have to go abroad to a school that specialized in fashion. Now I can say I definitely made the right choice in transferring programs. A desire to learn more has sparked in me ever since I started it, and that’s how I can tell I’m truly happy with my choice.

The advice I’d tell myself is the following:

Dear first-year Lucia,

I know you are entering a new phase in your life and you’ll think you have everything under control, but in reality, you won’t. It’s important to accept that and not to be afraid to ask for help. Being on your own in a new school where you don’t know many people will be overwhelming. Just remember to stop every once in a while, look around you, and realize where you are. When I say that I mean, really reflect on this point in your life. Think about how you got there, and that time passes on too fast, so don’t let important opportunities go just because you think that being young will mean they will come back a second time. Make sure to take school seriously, even if you are still hesitant on what program to enroll in and aren’t enjoying the classes you are taking as much as you’d like. Be organized with your studying and leisure time. Help yourself before giving all your time and energy to others. Save more money and make more intelligent financial decisions. Finally, enjoy yourself and try not to stress too much. It’s not worth the strain.

Even though this would defy the laws of physics, I would invite my future 80-year-old self. The thing I’m most curious about is how content 80-year old Lucia is with how her life turned out, what her most memorable and worldly experiences have been, the difficulties she has gone through, her regrets, some advice for her younger self and really just how much she’s changed over the years. Of course, considering that after the dinner, I’d know every little aspect of my future and my present going forward would then be altered so I’d get my mind wiped, just to keep things as they should be. I know this is pretty much impossible and purely out of a science fiction movie, but it’s interesting to reflect on the ‘what if’s’ of speaking to my future self.

After a long day, I treat myself to a delicious dinner, prepare some tea, then pick a favorite show or movie to watch.

I miss being able to meet new people as well as strengthening the friendships I’ve already cultivated through my years in university. I’ve always been very fond of on-campus group study sessions. It motivates you to keep going and having friendly company is always a plus. Another thing I truly miss is attending university events and being a part of extracurriculars. Thinking back, those events and friendships made in classes have been the highlight of my years as a university student. My hope is that one day we can go back to the pre-pandemic days before I graduate!

To be honest, I’m most proud of the person I’ve evolved into. Looking back, I realize how much I have changed, for the better and for the worse. Despite all the obstacles, failures and moments of doubt I’ve had, I never seem to want to quit. Being motivated after hardships is a challenging thing to push through, but constantly moving from city to city has converted me into a person that can adapt easily to change, and that’s a quality that has helped me out in so many situations. It’s helped me become more and more independent and in tune with myself, my goals and my dreams.

I couldn’t live without travelling. When one travels to different places and experiences other cultures than your own, you gain so much knowledge and consequently become more and more open-minded the further you go. Travelling not only serves the purpose of witnessing beautiful places but the fact that you have the opportunity to meet people that would’ve never crossed paths with you, had you not travelled, is truly a blessing and connects you in ways you would’ve never imagined. It brings me true happiness, so having to delay all my travel plans due to this pandemic has been hard, but it has taught me to enjoy and explore the city I already live in and bond more with the people that have impacted my life here.

I’d have to say some guacamole, coconut water and dark chocolate to finish it off. Anyone that has met me knows I’m obsessed with those snacks and that I could honestly live quite happily if I were to eat only that for the rest of my life. It always seems to do the trick and gives me the energy I need to keep studying!

My parents are a huge inspiration. They are my foundation and life-long support. I know every family has their differences, but I wouldn’t be the person I am today without their patience and guidance. The difficulties they have gone through in their lives really put things into perspective for me and keep me grounded. Their motivation, positivity, passion for life and love for our family is something I constantly remind myself to never take for granted. They probably don’t know how much their own experiences have impacted my life and taught me so many valuable lessons, so I’d just like to say how much I love them for that.

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Lucia is a fourth-year Fashion Business Management student from Monterrey, Mexico, and Events Vice President of the Strategic Management and Organization Club. She is passionate about sustainable and slow fashion and after graduation she plans to work in the fashion or design industry while expanding her photography business before pursuing a Master’s in Design in Norway. She also hopes to become a proud owner of many chihuahuas and eventually own an animal sanctuary in the mountains!


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