Rating ALL the London Fogs on Campus

By Rachel

I think Tea is undervalued in Western society. Coffee is heralded for its nose-killing smell and high caffeine content. The alternative — with a much less in-your-face taste and smell — needs some love.

My favourite tea-based drink is even loved by some of my coffee-loving friends: the London Fog. The London Fog is traditionally made with Earl Grey Tea, mixed with steamed milk (with just a lil’ bit of foam) and some vanilla sugar syrup. Since there are an abundance of London Fog options on campus — probably just as many as the available coffee options, actually — I decided to go around and rate them all. Needless to say, it was super fun, cozy, and all around enjoyable. So, in case you’re looking for a cozy drink, here are my personal findings:

The Grind/Undergrind


The Grind/Undergrind uses one of my favourite brands of tea: Steven Smith Tea. It has the perfect middle ground between sweet and just a little bit bitter, making it a good place to pick up a classic London Fog. This place is tax-free, so a cup of London Fog becomes more affordable. Plus, all profits go to our Students’ Union!



Starbucks is known for their really strong coffee, so I guess it’s only natural that their teas are very strong and bitter as well. But I’m not about the bitter life, so I’m not fond of this particular London Fog approach. In first year my friends accidentally spilt my Starbucks London Fog in a CCIS lecture hall, and last time I checked, the stain was still there. Talk about a strong tea.

Cookies by George


This one is also fantastic. I actually prefer The Grind’s London Fog over Cookies by George, but the fact that you can easily grab a yummy cookie to go with your London Fog bumps this one up to the same grade. A cookie is a perfect complement to nearly everything. I also have it on trusted authority that their London Fogs are the best for non-diary drinkers.



Dewey’s delivers on the London Fog front, but is especially nice to enjoy because of the atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to catch up with someone who also enjoys London Fogs, and you can both enjoy a full meal here too while you’re at it.

Joe Coffee & Tea


The taste of their London Fogs are great, but the high score for this one really comes down to location. This one is my go-to whenever I have an 8 a.m. class, because the rest of campus is (understandably) still asleep. Plus, it’s right in HUB mall near the LRT station, making it a convenient option. Don’t even get me started on the bagels and cream cheese.

Second Cup

OMG 10/5

This place has always been, and still remains, my favourite place for a London Fog. It is true that they are sweeter than their counterparts, but it’s always good to add a little sweetness to your life.

Those are my fave and not-so fave London Fog picks, but what are yours?