The Best Microwaves on Campus

By Azra

My mom had made me the most amazing lunch — but it needed to be heated up. (Yes, my mom still packs my lunch — she’s a great cook, deal with it) When class ended, I jetted out and I headed over to the Education cafeteria as I expected that a microwave would be there. Sadly, there was no microwave in sight! I realized that I had no idea where any of the microwaves on campus were!

The next day, while looking to heat-up a lunch I had made myself (because I’m a good cook too), I found three that looked like they were in need of some repair — and so I’ve decided that my service to you would be to wander around campus to find the best microwaves on campus. Here’s what I found:


While the Education North cafeteria may not have a microwave, I found some in the Education South’s basement. There are three fully functional microwaves in there! And I can honestly say that two out of the three looked okay. Not great, just okay. Don’t want to oversell it.



ECHA has microwaves scattered across the different floors. These microwaves also seem to be well maintained. And plentiful. So, if one is gross, there’s always the option of just finding another.



SUB has a bunch of microwaves in the food court stacked on top of another. I was shocked when I checked them out. As they are in such a high-volume area, I expected them to be dirty but they were super clean!!



I checked out the eighth-floor microwaves. Because it’s such a popular study area for engineering students, there are lots of microwaves on this floor. They all have varying cleanliness. I would not say they are the cleanest microwaves I have ever seen, but I also would not hesitate to use them if needed.



NREF is another hot spot for engineering students. This building is older as are the microwaves. If given the option I would use the microwaves in DICE, but wouldn’t be opposed to using these ones too.



Pro-tip: The microwaves in the basement are clean and markedly less busy than upstairs. Not much else to say here — these are nice microwaves!


Phew, that’s a lot of microwaves. If you managed to get through this entire post, then you are probably like me and obsessed with your lunch. However, I feel like it needs to be said that microwaves, just like computers, are tools to make our life on campus easier. However, like computers, we are meant to take care of the microwaves. If our food explodes in the microwaves, it only takes us an extra 30 seconds to wipe it up and makes everyone’s life easier! So while this list highlights the best microwaves that I have found, I hope that if we all make an effort to keep things clean, this list could be event longer.