Top 10 YouAlberta Stories of 2019

Dec 16, 2019 · 4 min read

As another year comes to an end, we take a look back at which stories you liked and read the most. Thanks for reading! We can’t wait to keep sharing student stories with you in 2020.

1. Pedways 101: A Guide to Using the Campus Pedways

Have you been cursed with having to run from Telus to Tory Lecture in the middle of Winter? Fear not! This year we discovered a multitude of pedway routes that are good for snowy, rainy, and windy days.

2. 10 Sleeping Strategies for the Struggling Student

No, pulling an all-nighter will not get you an A on that test. But you know what will? 7–8 hours of nice, peaceful sleep (alongside studying effectively — see story #10 in this article). This year we learned the many, many benefits of sleep, and explored 10 strategies that will ensure a good night’s rest.

3. What are the Sustainable Development Goals and Why Are They Important?

2019 has been an amazing year for all types of activism, but we know that the many global issues we are faced with everyday can become overwhelming. It can even make us feel helpless. This year we learned that we are not helpless, and that the activities and discussions taking place during International Week can give us the tools, and motivation, for taking action.

4. Lab Coat by Day, Heels By Night

Glitter, gemstones, high-heels, and a white lab coat. This year we talked with student, budding scientist, and rising drag star David Campbell (otherwise known as Ivy League) about how a student’s artistic and scientific interests can complement each other.

5. How to Survive Your First Winter in Canada

Winter in Edmonton can be daunting for those of us who have lived here for many years… imagine coming to Edmonton from a warm climate and not being prepared for your first winter! *Shivers* Thanks to Valentina, a student from Venezuela, we learned all about preparing for and enjoying winter.

6. Valentine’s Day Puns You Can Print

How does one make a Valentine’s Day pun better? U of A-ify it! This year we learned how studying on campus can actually be advantageous if you’re looking to be incredibly punny and unique. (And now you have your Valentine’s Day cards all ready for 2020.)

7. Pharmacy Awareness Month: Why Pharmacists Make a Difference

“Pharmacists only dispense medicine.” False! Pharmacy students and YouAlberta writers Azra and Sandy explore the work that pharmacists do that is often behind the scenes and missed by the public. This year, we learned why pharmacists make a difference.

8. How to Make Friends While You’re In University

From needing a friend to fill you in on what you missed last class, to needing a friend to lean on if you fail a class, we all need friends in university. University can be stressful, but having a friend that will show you memes when you’re down definitely makes it a lot easier.

9. 20 Messages of Thanks for Getting Me to Convocation

In the wise words of Tony Stark: “Part of the journey is the end.” This year we said goodbye (and congratulations) to one of our beloved YouAlberta writers who reminded us of the best parts of the university experience, and that there are many things we might actually miss once we graduate.

10. Written and Multiple Choice Exam Writing Tips for Students

Things that are stressful: exams. Things you need to do in order to graduate: write said exams. Exams are unavoidable, but there are ways to lessen the stress of taking exams.


Student life: You live it. We share it.


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Student life: You live it. We share it.

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