U of A Valentine’s Day Cards

Feb 12 · 2 min read

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and these Valentine’s puns unique to U of A are just what you need to set the mood. These printable valentine cards are the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for the people you like/love, whether that’s a significant other, friends, family members, or random classmates–whoever your heart desires! (And check out some more card designs from the 2019 edition).

Click here for a PDF of the cards to print.

You brighten up my Daily Grind.

You are Engrained in my heart.

My love Sustains U.

Meet you at Bae Enterprise Square Station?

You make my heart beat louder than someone eating carrots on 5th floor Rutherford.

You make me Dewey-eyed.

Are u fLRTing with me?

Are u the April Fools version of the Gateway? Cause I wanna Getaway with u.

You’re looking FAB.

Here’s my number, I’ll ETLC you later.

Life would be unbearable without you.

You are not SUBpar.

We’ve got Chemistry.



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