What Are You Going to Be For Halloween? Warm.

By Niabi

I truly love Halloween! It’s the one time where I can dress up as anyone or anything I want to and not get judged for it. And candy? Harry Potter? Scary movies? Um, yes please. However, there is one recurring downside to Halloween and it places limitations on both my enjoyment of this holiday as well as my costume options: it’s cold.

In other words, we live in a region where winter’s temperatures like to show up in mid-October rather than mid-December. As someone who still feels cold when it’s +20 degrees outside, Halloween costumes are a struggle, to say the least.

So that is why I have decided to do a little bit of research for those who love to dress up but want to feel warm and comfortable at the same time. Here are some of your options:

1. Whoopee Cushion

Image courtesy of HaloweenCostumes.ca

I can speak from experience when I say that the year I dressed up as a whoopee cushion was the warmest and most comfortable Halloween I have ever had. Wearing this costume is basically the equivalent of wearing a blanket.

2. T rex (or any inflatable costume)

While having air blowing around you 24/7 might not be the warmest option, it might also provide insulation against the cold. Plus you can wear a parka, long underwear, and ten layers of fleece under this costume and no one would ever know.

3. Wizard

Take some killer inspiration from one of U of A’s very own Warm-Halloween-Costume representatives. Shoutout to this amazingly accurate Gandalf costume!

4. Clown

The great thing about this costume is that stuffing your clothing means adding another layer against the cold. I tied two pillows around my waist to stuff my costume. Let me tell you, that was one warm Halloween. The clown costume I’m wearing in the photo was completely thrifted, so I highly recommend checking out thrift stores like Value Village for affordable costumes!

5. Care bear or any Animal onesie (sheep, lion, dog, cat, etc.)

Image via HalloweenCostumes.com

Self-explanatory. Who can argue against spending the day with this level of warmth and comfort?

6. A Student at Hogwarts

(Harry Potter courtesy of stickpng.com)

Halloween is probably a Harry Potter fan’s favourite time of the year! If a Hogwarts robe can keep you from freezing around a Dementor, I’m sure it will be the perfect for October’s in Edmonton. Plus, just think of the photo ops in the Harry Potter Room!

7. Cactus

Here is your chance to be warm but also cute and creative! This cactus costume is an easy DIY for any person at any age! Click here for instructions and even more costume DIYs.

8. Guba and Patches

For anyone who has worn these mascot costumes before, you will probably agree that they are undoubtedly the warmest costumes on campus. Nobody can be cold in those costumes. It’s impossible.

So best of luck everyone! Because let’s face it, nothing is scarier than any temperature below zero.