What Goes Into An End of Term Care Package?

Maybe your parents have made you one, or your bff, or perhaps it was even a kind neighbour, in any case, if you’ve ever been the lucky recipient of a care package, then you know that they can really uplift your mood. So if you’re thinking of making a care package (or would like to drop a few hints about what you might like in a care package), what should you include?

Based on the care packages that Residence Services and the Community Social Work Team put together for first-years living in residence, here are a few suggestions:

Something to Draw With

There’s a reason adult colouring books have taken off and it has everything to do with stress relief and relaxation.

Coupons for a Drop-in Yoga Session

Breathe. Stretch. Enjoy the moment.

A Simple Snack

Maybe it’s fruit, maybe it’s candy, maybe it’s something super tart — in any case it’s easy to eat while doing something else.

Resource Cards

Just in case the recipient has questions or needs to reach out to someone, including contact info for those who provide extra support is always a good idea.


Maybe they’re from the Students’ Union or maybe they’re from Dining Services — as long as they’re from somewhere that’s nearby and that offers things that are actually helpful, coupons are a win.

Practical Supplies

A handy highlighter might be just what’s needed to help review a course worth of notes.

Messages of Encouragement

A few kind words of support can go a long way.

For more inspiration, here’s a look at what went into the U of A’s care packages for first year students living in residence:

Special thanks to the campus partners who made these happen: Residence Services, the Community Social Work Team, the office of Alumni Relations, Ancillary Services, Campus & Community Recreation, Counselling and Clinical Services, Office of the Dean of Students, Dinning Services, Golden Bears and Pandas Athletics, University Relations (Marketing & Communications), Office of the President, Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights, the Students’ Union, and the Peer Support Centre.