Your 2016 Study Playlist

By Zach

It’s that time of year again my fellow students. A time of year defined by stress eating, staring confusedly at your laptop in Rutherford library, and the daily refrain of “why did I take this class again?”

Yes, I’m talking about finals season. But if there’s one thing I believe, it’s that nobody should have to suffer in silence, so I’ve compiled some groovy tunes to help you through those long days and nights while you’re trying to get those A’s.

I’ve broken my list down into different flavours of songs for different types of studying — depending on whether you need a really relaxed and laid back song to help you grind through some tough memorization, or a more upbeat tune to help you get through the second body paragraph of that term paper you started way too late.

Without further ado, here are some songs that’ll hopefully help you get through the finals grind this December:

Laidback Life

These songs are the most ambient and non-intrusive of my selections. I tend to find they work best when I have to do straight up rote memorization of terms or concepts for a final.

Wonders of Nature — Mysterious Peaks (the full album)

I admit I cheated a bit with this one, but it really can’t get more ambient than this, and the full peaceful experience is most easily attained by listening to the entire album through. It basically sounds like a guy fiddling with a synthesizer on top of a snowy mountain. You’ll have all those terms memorized before you know it.

Evergreen Refuge — Earthborn (the full album, but it’s only technically one song)

Nothing throws me off from my studying more than having to constantly change a song. Well, you won’t have any of those problems with this album, because it’s just one 45-minute song consisting of some pleasant acoustic guitar and nature sounds. Happy studying, everyone.

Lost Salt Blood Purges — Lanthanesthai

(They don’t have a Youtube clip, sooooo…. enjoy their website. Since that’s where they’re audio clip lives.)

Panopticon — Tamarack’s Gold Returns

As a tip, don’t bother listening to the rest of the album after this song, it’s not nearly as peaceful

The xx — Intro

If you really want to optimize your peacefulness while studying, play in tandem with rain sounds of any kind.

Tycho — Adrift

Tycho — Ascension

Tycho — Glider

Slightly More Stimulating

These songs ramp up the excitement just a bit, and because of that, I tend to use them when I’m writing or researching for papers. They get the creative juices flowing without being distracting.

Nest — The Silvershade Lynx

Musk Ox — Woodfall (the entire album)

Jambinai — Connection

This music video will give you the feels if you decide to watch it…

Jambinai — For Everything That You Lost

Godspeed You! Black Emporer — Storm

Nebelung — Aufgang

Kavinsky — Nightcall

Hudson Mohawke — Fuse

Drudkh — Tears of Gods

SBTRKT — Wildfire

Baths — Maximalist

Sprint to the Finish Line

For when you’ve actually started that paper way too late, and foresee an all-nighter or two in your future. These songs will keep you awake when your will starts to fade at 3 a.m. in SUB.

Swans — Bring the Sun / Toussaint L’Ouverture

Justice — Genesis

Foals — Inhaler

Foals — What Went Down

Flume — Holdin’ On

Adele — Hello

Purity Ring — Amenamy

Lorde — Tennis Court (Flume remix)

Pendulum — Watercolor

TNGHT — Easy Easy

And there you have it. Hopefully these songs and albums will help you through what is undoubtedly a stressful time for any university student. As a disclaimer, I encourage everyone to check out the full albums these songs belong to, as they contain numerous other great songs that you could probably use to study as well. Happy testing, friends!

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