YouAte, a new take on food journaling without calorie counting.

YouAte is designed to help you establish and maintain a healthy eating habit by keeping a food journal. No calorie counting. No complex forms. No demoralizing restrictions. Just take a picture of your meals to become a healthier you.

Easy food journaling is the key to a healthier life.

Most of us want to eat better to achieve a healthier lifestyle and food journaling is one of the most effective and proven tools at our disposal to do just that.

It turns out what is keeping us back is not the lack of knowledge, there are plenty of sources out there for how to eat healthy, but rather the application of that knowledge. In our fast paced world, people simply don’t remember what they ate earlier and so they make too many poor choices when it comes time for their next meal. (Yes, I am talking about that second night of ordering pizza. 😔)

That’s where food journaling shines, by simply helping you be more aware of your choices, and through self-monitoring to make better decisions going forward.

The accountability of food journaling is what really hits home with me. It’s not so much about how many calories I’m eating but just that I’m writing my meals and snacks down somewhere. — Kath, RD

Unfortunately, most current solutions on the market take technology too far and create over complicated solutions that don’t fit into our busy lives. Making changes to your lifestyle is hard already, we shouldn’t add more complexity by asking you to keep a scientific journal.

I tried lots of diets myself: learned different eating rules, counted my calories and macros, switched to paleo, but none of them helped me to reach my goals. My mind was always in dieting mode and it led me to think about food all the time which made me even hungrier, stressed and fed up with the whole thing.

I needed a more flexible way to manage my health without endless calorie counting and analyzing my fitness statistics. Not all of us are born with a strict coach’s mindset, right? 😉 Our team isn’t so we created YouAte.

How YouAte works?

  • It’s super easy! We don’t ask you to do much. No need to measure, count or make ingreditent lists.
  • It’s photo based. You can snap a photo of your meal and save it to your timeline (path) with just two clicks.
  • You are in charge! You know your goal, the reason behind your choice of meal and how you feel at the time. So when it comes to deciding if that meal was #onpath or #offpath, you can choose. You really can’t make a mistake, just be honest with yourself. For Example: Celebrating something amazing with a reasonable size dessert is always #onpath for me! 😋
  • It guides you. Through visual cues, simple stats and easy guidelines, the app helps you stay on or get back on your path towards your chosen goal.
  • It’s your well designed, private journal where you don’t have to cover up when you went #offpath. You will find it more beneficial in the long run if you are truly aware of what you ate. You don’t have to impress your social media followers. However, if you do decide to share your journal with a few friends or a coach, you have the opportunity to do so privately.
  • It’s mindful. You can add notes and save emotional states to see why you made that meal choice and how it made you feel. Determining how you felt after the meal will help you to be more mindful about your choices and eating habits.
  • It helps you be better! YouAte will help you analyze your notes to catch bad eating patterns like emotional eating or triggers like 🍦🍩🍺 When you realize these patterns you can look for ways to replace them with good habits! If it finds good patterns, it helps you double down on them. [Eating pattern analysis is under development… coming later.]
  • It reminds you. Completely custom reminders help you keep your journaling up to date. One of the most important aspects of journaling is to stay consistent. We designed everything for minimal friction, but in our busy lives, these extra reminders can help to stay on top of things.
  • It goes beyond food with activities, water and feelings. Although what you eat is a very important part of your health, it’s not everything. Staying active is important, and seeing these activities on your path can help you better understand your meal choices. Don’t forget about liquid intake. Water, bulletproof coffees and an occasional glass of wine can keep you hydrated and happy. Finally, taking notes of your feelings and moods can help you with self-reflection and overall health.

You don’t need a special date to start!

Download from the App Store and start snapping your way to a healthier you!

About the team

We came together around our love of food, our desire to live a healthier life and our dream of making this world a bit better. With YouAte, we feel that we are able to connect all three and build something that is invaluable not only to us, but a large global family of healthy eaters.

YouAte team — Esther, Richy, Tom and Mike

Our advisors

Lee Jordan

450 pounder to ACE Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer — Helping People lose 100 lbs & more.

Jennipher Walters

Jennipher is a certified personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management coach, a group exercise instructor, author and the co-founder of

Emily Dingmann

Emily is a Nutritionist who loves spending time in the kitchen, creating simple, nutritious recipes to help you eat better, one meal at a time. On, you’ll find realistic whole-food meals that the whole family will enjoy.

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