Hello World! You are YOU~biquitoUS!

♥ Hip- Hip Hooray! * ~ Sounds like : “Hip ~ Hip! Who? Ray”

(external voice: “Who the hell is Ray, anyway? Ray Bradbury?”)

No. I am not Ray Bradbury, however I do greatly respect him & I thoroughly enjoy his book, Fahrenheit 451. It has been several years since I read it, but the message still resonates with me; I can recall how it made me feel. I recommend it to all parties who enjoy reading &/or are outraged by the lack of physical books, book clubs, & general reading/writing parties.

A Relatively Quick Intro on Me:

I love everything about books. I love the smell of old & new books, the sounds the pages make as they are moved, & the ways that reading can move you.

I am a child of the Reading Rainbow generation, & I truly believe that reading (& writing) can guide us through the whole spectrum of emotions & existence, if we allow ourselves to be moved.

I love forms of self-expression, & though, I, myself, have many mediums of expression, writing has been one of my favorite hobbies/emotional outlets since I was a wee little girl.I also really enjoy acting, singing, dancing, & costume design. I have infinite love for theatrical arts & performing artists.

I am highly sentient (as I believe we all inherently are).

I’m a Genie in a Bottle (as we all are → we’ll get to that later) I am currently listening to Christina Aguilera

I am always honest, which is a blessing & a curse, depending on your perception.

I love positive energy, yoga, & my Momma (♥) raised me to treat others how I’d wanna be treated. I am blessed in this life with an incredibly supportive group of family & friends. I am eternally grateful for all the blessings that I have received & will continue to receive.

~ Rainbow ❤ Flower of Life ❤ ~ LOVE!!

♥ *~ I believe in universal healthcare

I believe in universal rights (formerly known as human rights)

I believe in Universal LOVE

& I believe in WORLD PEACE! ~* ♥

Groovy Peace Sign ~ Keep Up the Good Vibes

(cue the happy, yet authentic audience, please)

My name is Ashley Copeland, this is my blog, though, as the name suggests, this is as much a place for YOU as it is for ME (& WE).

The Power of Multiple People Meditating together increases your Karmic & Spiritual Energy

& WELCOME to YOU~Biq~It~oUs! * Sounds like: You-Bic-Quit-Us

:) Greetings to YOU & thank- YOU for checking out my blog! Namaste ~* ❤ *

~ (( OM )) into the Universe ; (( OM )) to manifest LOVE & healing for your Youniverse ~
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