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Mother strawberry blonde holding sleeping baby in her arms, garden wall with plants in background
Image Author’s own — My mother holding me (baby)

Must’ve Been a Beautiful Baby …

A fun fact nobody knows about me is that I used to be on television

It would be tough to come up with something that nobody else knows about me — I have brothers and a sister and I’ve been with the same guy since 1990 — between them and a couple of close girlfriends, nothing about me is a total secret!




A space to relax, free of judgement and full of honesty, authenticity and youness-ness. Dive deep into personal experiences however you need to write about them. Nicheless — New Writers More than Welcome!

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Jacinta Palmer

Jacinta Palmer

Writing the kind of fiction I love to read| YA | Magical | Romance | Supernatural | Worldbuilding (she/her)

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