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A Free JavaScript Beginner Book!

Here’s something useful for any young person in your life. (Or something useful for yourself, if you’ve ever said “Explain it to me like I’m 10.”)

I’ve just released A Tiny Introduction to JavaScript, a free PDF ebook that teaches kids how to code.

Here’s what makes this book unique:

  • It’s 100% free. (Or pay-what-you-can, if you’re in a particularly generous mood.)
  • It teaches real JavaScript code. There’s no walking zombies through a maze or edu-tainment here.
  • Each chapter is built out of tiny examples. And all the examples are in online CodePen projects. That means you don’t need to install anything. Just point your browser to the project with the problem (or the solution, if you’d prefer.)
  • It’s kinda fun. There are some… interesting characters.

Is it suitable for adults? Yes, if you really don’t know much about programming but you’re curious to get started. That’s because A Tiny Introduction to JavaScript introduces basic programming concepts (like “What’s a variable?”) at the same time as it introduces the language.

If you want to learn more about the project and why I started it, check out the Gumroad page. There’s also a (sadly not free) print edition.

Happy coding!





Insights into the .NET stack. Thought pieces about the craft of software development. Real advice for teaching kids to code. And a shot of humor.

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