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May 24 · 3 min read

Young Coder is a publication about coding, science, and tech. We create how-to tutorials for kids and complete beginners. We also publish great ideas about teaching computer science — and we especially love creative, unique approaches to learning.

For example, we’ve talked about learning to code in a retro programming environment. We’ve met a computer club that’s learning programming concepts with the storytelling tool Twine, and a writer that’s teaching algorithms through storytelling.

We’re also interested in current issues in tech education. Our recent stories have examined the barriers faced by girls in STEM, and the popularity of conspiracy theory videos for kids.

What’s here right now

Young Coder is a new publication — in fact, we’ve only existed since April 2019. Our library of tutorials, exercises, and ideas is small but growing.

Many of the articles we publish are grouped into series, so you can follow along a well planned learning path. Right now, these paths are only just starting, but here’s what you’ll find so far:

  • Learning HTML. It’s not programming, but it’s a valuable skill if you want to create content on a website, and an essential pre-requisite if you want to learn JavaScript. We’ve dipped our toe into HTML with a three-part series that explores web pages with X-Ray Goggles, helps you choose a web editor, and provides three simple mistake-fixing exercises that you can practice online.
  • Learning to code in JavaScript. Can JavaScript be a first programming language for complete beginners? We think so. Check out two simple examples you can use to learn the concept of JavaScript events, right in your browser, no setup required.
  • Visual Studio Code for beginners. It’s a tool that’s good enough for pros. But it also doubles as a great first programming environment to learn how code works. The catch is that you need to set up debugging first. Here’s our two part series about debugging with Visual Studio and JavaScript.

Where we’re going

Young Coder is evolving. Stick with us, and you’ll see some interesting ideas as we grow. We’re going to talk about STEM hype and logic games. We’re going to look at electronics maker projects, and mind-bending puzzle games like Baba is You. We’re going to get serious with Lego. And we’re going deeper into the web with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Contribute to Young Coder

We’re not open for unsolicited contributions just yet. But when we do open the gates, we’ll be looking for the following:

  • Personal experiences teaching kids to code. Are you an educator that’s taught programming to a class, or a parent that’s explaining tech topics to a child? Did you and your eight-year-old build a prototype for a catapult with duct tape, cardboard, and elastics? We’d love to hear your story of what worked, what didn’t, and what went completely off the rails.
  • Reviews of STEM toys, games, and apps. If you’ve tried it, share your experience so we can all benefit! Pictures (or videos) are particularly useful to help us understand how unusual toys and games work.
  • Thought pieces about tech education. Do you have hot take on why Scratch isn’t living up to its promise? Do you believe pair programming is an essential learning practice for kids? Do you think Logo just might make a comeback? We’re interested in your insights and unusual ideas about bringing tech to kids.

Stay in touch

Looking for the best way to keep in touch? If you’re a Medium member, you can follow the Young Coder publication. You can also sign up for the monthly ProseTech newsletter, where you’ll get information about the latest Young Coder happenings and other goodies, like the opportunity to get advance copies of our books. You can also reach me, the Young Coder editor, by email at matthew at prosetech.com. See you around!

Young Coder

Code, science, and tech for kids and complete beginners. Silly hype not included.

Young Coder

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Young Coder

Code, science, and tech for kids and complete beginners. Silly hype not included.