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May 24 · 3 min read

Young Coder is a publication about coding, science, and tech — usually with a twist. We love quirky science, creative coding, and all the places inspiration meets semicolons.

  • If you’re a programming professional, you’ll love our deep reads on subjects like the history of JavaScript, or how coders survive when they can no longer type.
  • If you’re a new or hopeful coder, we’ve got you covered with a slowly expanding set of tutorials and how-to articles. (Why not start with JavaScript? Check out two simple examples you can use to learn JavaScript events, right in your browser, no setup required.)
  • If you’re a teacher, we go deep on subjects like keeping girls in STEM, helping kids learn to code, and the challenges of teaching students to think critically.
  • If you want to play with electronics, we’re digging in to the miraculous (and cheap) Raspberry Pi mini-computer. Then we’re going to get serious with Lego.
  • And if you don’t fit into any of these neat little boxes, you’ll still find some fascinating science and technology reads, like our report on conspiracy videos for kids. Or maybe you want to play the world’s most puzzling logic game.

Young Coder is a relatively new publication — in fact, we’ve only existed since April 2019. Our library of tutorials, exercises, and ideas is small but growing.

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  • Creative coding projects. Did you build your own programming language? Are you automating your life with Python? Did you make something so quirky not even your coworkers know what to make of it? We love to learn from adventurous coding.
  • Personal experiences teaching code or electronics. Are you an educator that’s taught programming to a class, or a parent that’s explaining tech topics to a child? Did you and your eight-year-old build a prototype for a catapult with duct tape, cardboard, and elastics? We’d love to hear your story of what worked, what didn’t, and what went completely off the rails.
  • Thought pieces about tech education. Do you have hot take on why Scratch isn’t living up to its promise? Do you believe pair programming is an essential learning practice for kids? Do you think Logo just might make a comeback? We’re interested in your insights.

We take our time working with new writers and are always looking for interesting ideas. We publish slowly. (An eHow content-mill we aren’t!) You can send pitches by email to matthew at prosetech.com.

Young Coder

Hack. Code. Think. Stories about science, tech, and programming.

Young Coder

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Guest posts for the Young Coder publication.

Young Coder

Hack. Code. Think. Stories about science, tech, and programming.

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