Fighting Trumpism

Donald Trump is the first American leader in a generation to pass no significant piece of legislation this far into his term. The problem with Donald Trump’s administration isn’t just that his policies and vision for the country are bad. It’s that he focused only on undoing the progress of Barack Obama’s administration, no matter how much damage he causes.

He continued that effort on Friday by announcing his intention to decertify the worldwide Iran nuclear deal. Nevermind the fact that this is a deal reached among seven world powers and that the US cannot unilaterally terminate the deal. It was an agreement working the way it was intended to work.

Nobody thinks pulling out of the Iran deal is a good idea, but this President doesn’t care whether his decisions make good policy sense. Trump’s own advisors have said on the record that the agreement should remain in place.

With a stalled legislative agenda, an investigation into his ties to Russia that threatens to bring down his entire Administration, and crumbling poll numbers, Trump has isolated himself. Every day he’s isolating himself from those in his party. He’s become isolated from the people who voted for him, who are realizing that they’ve been conned. And he’s isolating our nation from our allies and weakening all of the progress we’ve made in dealing with our enemies. His actions should concern and outrage everyone.

Our job is to channel that outrage by rebuilding our party. The best way to do that is to develop the young talent. And the best way to do that is for all of our Young Democrats of Maryland to become more engaged in our communities. So join a campaign, run for office, or work on that one issue that matter the most to you. That’s how we fight Trumpism.