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Poem Recommendations!

  1. Life of a plant — Risa Jordan

A plant will grow from a tiny seed,

Some water and sun is all you need.

First, the roots grown underground,

They suck up minerals from all around.

Then come stems, some tall, some stout,

And next the branches spread about.

Leaves grow in all shapes and sizes,

Watch this new life as it rises.

Flowers bloom from buds on stems,

They are as pretty as precious gems.

Some plants give us juicy fruit,

Some have vegetables at the root.

New seeds travel to and fro,

By wind and water, on the go.

And the cycle keeps on going,

Soon new stems and leaves are showing.

2. Seeds- Walter De La mere

The seeds I sowed — For week unseen —

Have pushed up pygmy Shoots of green;

So frail you’d think The tiniest stone

Would never let A glimpse be shown.

But no; a pebble Near them lies, At least a cherry-stone In size,

Which that mere sprout Has heaved away,

To bask in the sunshine, See the Day.




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