Young, Shiftless, & Black & The Art of Letting Go

Day 3 of #ThirtyDaysOfEssays. Enjoy!


It is the probably one of the most overrated concepts in the history of mankind, yet somehow it {time} has managed to be vastly under appreciated by almost every human being. We squander it. We waste it. We overindulge in it. Everything we do, from waking up, to eating, to record keeping (the ‘history’ of mankind) is dictated by a few digits given numerical values by people we never knew.

You see all of our lives, we’ve been in a rat race to get everything our hearts desire in a timely manner: a degree, a $100,000 a year career, a dream house, a super bae — most if not not all of these milestones measured by time in some shape or form.

But for what tho? All so that we can say we did it?

Why do we go about life bound by the restaints of time? Why do we contemplate running the red light — and then actually run that bad boy? Why do we put a piece of meat that took an hour to cook at 400 degrees and stick it in a box that zaps it hot in 45 seconds? Why do we kill ourselves by enrolling in those “earn an MBA in 12 nonths” programs?

How could something that meant nothing to you at one point in your life now run every part of it? Think about it. Before you could tell time, life was a breeze. Then, the “minute” (see what I did there?) you found out what the “big hand” and “little hand” meant, your childhood then became a one big giant deadline. You literally began counting down the seconds to the next “milestone” in your life (recess was a milestone at 5) and suddenly the “thrill” of lunch or recess were thrown out the window because now, you could read the Big clock!

Time To Get Real

Time — more than money — has killed more dreams, stiffled more creativity, destroyed more ambition, and killed more momentum than any other element effecting the human experience. The illusion of time , or the idea that all things will expire — has one of two effects on people 1) we either overwork and over stress ourselves to reach ridiculously high expectations or 2) We are in a perpetual state of fear, doubt, gloom, and depression because we have either run out of time, fear we do not have enough time, doubt the time we do have, or depressed about the fact that we did not accomplish any of the things we laid out for ourselves.

When we begin to let go of the concept of time and its hold on our lives, it becomes increasingly easier to exude gratitude and thus be thankful for where we are at the current moment — and that is all that matters. The art of letting go means letting go of everything you kn0w about time and standing firm in the idea of NOW.

It’s Never the Right Time Because Its Always The Right Time

Today is the day. Actually it was yesterday, It was probably 3 years ago when you first had the idea. But you told yourself that it wasn’t the right time. You had to think about it. You needed more money. You needed….something. Chile, please. You will tell yourself anything if it means jusitifying fear. We justify fear more than any other emotion because it is actually easier to admit fear than actually do what we fear. Just do it.

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

Age is nothing more than the perception of growth based on the concept of time. Das it. Nothing more, nothing less. There is nothing that says by the time you are 25 you will accomplish XYZ. So what you’re 30, unmarried, blah-job, and you haven’t traveled the world? Guess what? That is okay. I say that for you and me because I struggle with this almost daily. We have been conditioned to expect all types of things by a certain age and if we don’t have it, it is easy to feel like a true to life F**k up. It doesn’t help when everybody around you constantly find themselves in your business. “So you not dating anybody? When are you having children? You know you’re 30, right?” Unfortunately, minding your own business is as rare as speaking a second language. Thankfully, its not nearly as difficult. Which bring me to my next point:

The clock has ruined you.

Find You Some Business Before Some Business Finds You

Once you begin to let go of the concept of time and age restraints, stay the course and continue to mind your business. Minding your business is the cheapest thing you will ever do. Minding your business is the easiest thing you will ever do; its free (including nights and weekends), no hassle, no hidden fees, no batteries needed , and perfect for every occasion. You can mind your business on an empty stomach and in the snow; you can mind your business in the dark. Are you religious? The bible even tells you to mind your business:

Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands, just as we instructed you before. — 1 Thessalonians 4:11

What Would Jesus Do? Mind His business, that’s what. When you mind your business, you give yourself the space to worry about your goals, your objectives, your plan of action, and your future. When you make it a point to worry about nobody but you, you began to put you at the center of your own life. Gossip, negativity, pettiness, and drama all of sudden have no room. When you mind your business, the road to radical focus becomes easier to maneuver as it becomes easier to accept: What’s for you is for you, and what ain’t, won’t be.

The art of letting go means thinking radically different about time. When we let go of time, we let go of many of the things binding us to stress and procrastination. When we let go of the things that bind us, we allow ourselves to grow exponentially.

So go ahead.

Let go.

And grow.