Summer 2016 Anime Diary [Episode 3]

If you’re into action and guns and stuff, there’s no reason for you to hate 91 Days. That’s true for me as well, rarely being hooked in such shows so much that I’m ending up cheering like a kid and shouting “Kill him!” or “Here we go!” each time a brutal scene comes up.

The action sure makes the show enjoyable, but I’m having a hard time understanding it seriously beyond that. With the multitude of characters involved you can’t avoid being confused who got killed by whom, who has some hidden agenda and who’s the next target. I seriously thought of having a notepad while watching in order to track how the story’s progressing.

Amanchu’s still adorable to watch, not only because it’s a goldmine for memes but also the inspirational/reflective moments inserted between scenes. Three episodes in and we’re still with vague ideas about Teko’s past, but slice of life shows tend not to rush with things so I’ll just enjoy whatever they’re cooking for now. (I don’t mind they’re sprinkling yuri vibes sparingly too)

Now that the pair’s joining the diving club I expect the next few episodes to be more technical in nature — we got a sneak peek in Episode 3 (when their teacher gave a lesson about breathing underwater), which is great as sports/hobby SoL wouldn’t be as such without us learning even a bit about the subject. Of course it’s a club so other characters will enter too, and it’ll be exciting to see how they’ll help cement the budding friendship between the two protagonists.

I know many people watch Cheer Danshi for the BL (and they’re unashamed in delivering the fanservice) but beyond that you can see how good the story is and how the characters are fleshed out and developed each episode. We’re getting more background about the supporting characters (especially Sho), their past lives presented in glimpses rather than stand-alone flashbacks (which is great as it doesn’t disrupt the story flow, more so not ending up being too sappy.) The ending scene in Episode 3 (where they chose their team name) is a very memorable one as it summarizes what made them motivated to cheer — to prove to themselves and to others that they can go out of their little boxes.

While the story’s progressing smoothly the animation isn’t, sadly — I even joked that Sho’s sketches are better drawn than the characters. If only KyoAni thought of this earlier than Brain’s Base I’m sure the result would be marvelous. (Speaking of, why is Konobi better drawn by the same studio, in the KyoAni style at that? Is Cheer Danshi undeserving of a budget?)

Fukigen could be that show I’m watching like a chore, but I’m still hanging on as it feels like I’ll get something great eventually. No reason for me to drop this anyway — Abeno’s eyecandy and him treating Ashiya like his bitch can be hilarious, more so the yokai and their backstories are entertaining, if not a treasure of lessons that could make this show a material for a Values Education or Philosophy class.

The only danger’s if they’re going to stick in a slapsticky formula throughout the season. SoLs use that as a convenient feature, but for Fukigen it’s a material where a progressive rather than an episodic method of storytelling works better. Fans are saying we’re about to learn more about Abeno’s life in the next episodes, so I’d patiently wait to see how it works out.