Top 15 Reasons Why Business Websites with Professional Emails are Important

You may have once had about it. You may have heard real businessmen talk about their business websites and professional custom ads-free email.

Then you ask…

Why are business website so important that no business should exist without one? Do I really need a business website? What use is professional email to my business?

Let me assume you have once shoot your query into the Google box. And, probably, have stumbled upon many answers from different webmasters. The truth is: the reasons they proffer doesn’t hold water for you.

However, in this post, I will enumerate fifteen (15) good reasons why you must be the next entrepreneur to kick-start a business website and brand up with a professional email address, from the stand point of a Certified Inbound marketer.

Why Business Websites and Professional Email?

Before any business can benefits from sweet honey of inbound marketing, such business must be ready to seat tight and have a stable content generation center — a reliable platform where the marketing efforts will be aggregated and analyzed.

It must be one that is readily available (24/7) with instantaneous access, and be crazily visible to all. Truth be told: only your website can all do that.

Wait… Let me tell you why

You ask, what about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Well, chances are that you are the Katy Perry of Twitter or own the Shakira Facebook page with 87.7 million fans, and probably, a billion other followers on Instagram.

Wow! Good for you. You don’t need a business website. Quit reading this post, and just go on to tweet your businesses to success.

But wait….

What if you are nowhere near those personality above. Then you got to listen to this wise advice:

Your social media marketing efforts will only work if you have a solid, fully detailed information page where you refer your fans to know about your products.

But…Don’t be too quick.

Before you decide to dish other forms of web presence as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and Forums, you must first understand what need different types of web presence may serve your brand:

Both Your Business Website and Other Web Presence:

  • Help you reach prospects, new and existing customers
  • Create room customer interaction (e.g. comments, video, slide shares)
  • Encourage customer reviews
  • Relatively responsive (visible both on desktop and mobile)
  • Open avenue to flag Yourself (e.g. awards, recommendations, testimonies)
  • Demand maintenance (e.g. against hackers, responding to comments, removing spam)

But the different is clear, there are moles I must spot out from the other types of web presence. They are common shortfalls you should know by now.

Moles in other type of Web presence:

  • They are free or have low costs (free things are not always good, right?)
  • They are quick and easy to set up
  • Offers limited control to customize things such as the domain name, layout, and functionalities provided (red alert!)

15 Reason Why Your Business Website With Professional Email is Essential

With these 15 good reasons I know you will be the next customer of a reliable web hosting company, a professional web developer and an effective Email marketing services.

This list gives you the fifteen (15) exact reasons why not having a business website means your business lag behind strong iron bars of crawling.

1. You are in Charge

You have always want to be in charge. I assume that’s why you start your small business.

What if you can be in charge totally?

What if you can determine how much what works and what doesn’t? What if you can know who shows what interest in your products?

What if you can monitor each of your prospect till they buy in?

To me, that actually mean being in charge totally.

With your website, you don’t only have the full control to customize such things as your domain name, layout, and fonts. You can also measure every inch of your marketing effort, you can know who click what?

You have endless opportunity to add powerful plugins that will shape your interactive layout, garner information for you about your visitors, and build subscribers to your brand.

2. Allows for multiple pages

The more pages you have, the better your chance of making it to the front page of google. In fact, it is your best bet to product awareness.

While on other types of web presence you are limited to a specified number of pages, having a business website break you out of that confinement.

A business website allows you leverage numbers of pages for different purposes. These pages are bound to boost your audience engagement, make prospects more aware of your products, and increase your possibility of getting found in organic searches.

3. Takes longer and is more difficult to set up

What? Who gave you that sh*t to slam on your face.

With Blue Host you are a click from having your business website setup. BlueHost provide a one-click WordPress installation which make it more easier for a dummy to start a beautiful business website.

If you really serious about having a business website I suggest you go with BlueHost. They have 24/7 support service, so relax they’ve got your back.

If you don’t want to stick your hand in the dirty pot, hire a professional web developer.

4. Online Brochure

What if you you can keep all the data your customers constantly request deliver at their doorsteps?

Increasing numbers of customers use the internet to search for products they need or they will be needing. That’s why your business site have to come in.

The things is: lesser people watch your ads on TV , and actually no one gives a crap if you pay for the whole pages of a newspaper (that’s if you can afford it) when they can get the hot news from the net.

The interest is daily becoming the source of all information. Now, you need your business website to serve as your P.R.O. online.

For instance, if you are running a school you can have an Admission page where everything necessary for student to join your school will be detailed. You may our have something like Our Staffs page where you can give a persuasive content on how qualified your staffs are.

5. Real Marketing Zone

You want to boost engagement, increase your customer base, and multiple your sales, right? What a dumb question, who doesn’t.

Then you got to fire the fulcrum of evangel-marketing — your business website right now. Your business is not just going to be a static page with About and Contact page.

In fact, AT&T Small Business Technology Poll of 2013 revealed that 67% of businesses are using their website to market to their customers.

The truth is: Nobody is ready to know about you or your brand unless your make them. Turn your business website to your marketing outlet. Hire persuasive writers for contents that markets your brand.

Know that Forrester (2012) discovers that 49% of sites fail to comply with basic usability principles, and 50% of online sales are lost because visitors can’t find content.

Don’t only start a business website. Invest in content too.

What do you get in return?

6. More Customers

If your digital marketing efforts were pack right into the right baskets with the right words, what happens next? You land a ton of customers, of course.

The is what the fact looks like: 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours. (Google Mobile Movement Study, 2011

To amaze you, 30% of small businesses with a web presence generate more than 25% of their revenue online.

Your business website can land you a ton of customers if properly design and filled with the right content. Start now or read on.

7. Business Values

Another huge important of a business website is business value. Would like to see customers throwing hats for your business, no matter how small you are?

Then garner some credibility by launching your business website. One, it is a way to show your customers you truly mean business. Two, you won’t just be a selling house you also become an authority in your niche by sharing valuable contents on your site.

8. Influence

Currently there are more than 2.4 billion active internet users, thus, your business website will, potentially, have more than thousands of people see it. With these, you will able to influence people’s decisions and educate them to buying your products.

9. Readily Available

Unlike other types of web presence, your website is always alive that’s if you pick the right hosting services.

Don’t play with downtime. There are hundreds of web hosting options with varying prices. However, your best bet is with the one with the least downtime guaranteed.

10. Professional Email

How would you feel if you have a professional mail like

That looks great, right? Wow! Indeed, custom to suit just you.

Have you consider the customers’ view about such email address? Well, it’s somewhat simple.

They will trust they are not mailing the wrong guy!

11. Start Your Business

What if you don’t own a business yet?

Well, your business website can mean you starting one.

12. Go viral, Get Awarded

They are thousands of online awards that can add prestige to your brand. By having a business website you stand a chance to claim one someday.

13. Increase Customer Support

Your business site also be your customers care center for quick solutions. Having a FAQ page that answers vital questions about products can help you nurture customers the more.

14. Time to Show Off

Your time to show the world what you got. Your business site can feature your customer testimonies, your business success stories, press releases, and others.

What do earn that? More customers, and pride in your work.

15. Get Ahead of Your Peers

You business site can mean you getting fast ahead of mates. With increase customer base, instant credibility and tons of subscribers to your brand, here is your chance to become the boss!


Any business that shun having a website is arranging her own death. The truth is: the importance of a business website to any business can not be overemphasized. Business websites are now a great tool to business success.

Although, only Only 53% of small businesses have a website, but this has seen a growth of 8% since 2009. (E-Marketer, Barlow Researchers, U.S. Census Bureau, Jupiter Research) So join in to increase your brand awareness, customer base, and credibility.